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Contemplation by Sheilan

Contemplation by Sheilan

This Earth school is like being in a simulated reality.  The character we play and the lessons we have to learn have been programed by our higher self before we incarnated on to the teaching ground. Each of us views this reality differently. We live in a spectrum of light filled with many dimensions. Depending on the dimension where our consciousness lives most of the time, determines how clearly we see reality.

Awake or enlightenment is all relative. One persons sleep is another person’s awake or enlightenment. Enlightenment is a tricky term because there are no measurements to show it or words to define the differences of the levels of awareness. We cannot judge a book by its cover for we all are playing a character role.  Teacher, Guru, Pope, Dali Llama and King or beggar etc… All just parts in the script.  At some point in our schooling, we will play all the roles and in the end we learn to take off the masks.

Adviata is a popular theme in Earth’s story line.  It’s importance is it teaches Oneness… important because ultimately we are One energy. Our Soul is part of the One energy, with no beginning and no end.  Everything has a soul. We are each made up of three parts. Our Higher Self, or our etheric body is the go-between for Soul and physical self.  To understand more deeply who you are, you might ponder who you are in the higher dimensions and in what universe or dimension your consciousness is rooted.  We are not the masks we wear or the parts we play in this life.

To know who you are and what is real, go inside yourself for the answers.  Stop reading books and other people’s words for the answers. You have your own answers…. you are the answer. You are your own teacher. The words on this blog are only pointers. Enjoy your life and this precious time right now… for the present moment is all we have and the key to the door of living infinitely!

Peace, love and joy to you,



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12 responses to “Home

  1. Dear Sheilan

    My name is Ravi Narayan from Long Island New York. We conduct New York chapter of Divine Life Society of India through online skype sessions. Indian Philosophy and Upanishads is one of our regular topics and how science and scriptures complement each other. We would like to know if you would have some time over the weekends to share and we can learn from your thoughts which will be very useful to us. Our web site is http://www.dlsusa.org which will redirect to Divine Life Society which is one of the very old Ashrams in India preaching Advaita and Upanishads for over 40 years.

    Our discussions revolve around Meditation, Manifestation, Materialism, Non-dualism, Enlightenment, Awakening etc. Can you help? If you can give us a brief speech online during one of our online sessions, that will be very great.

    We would be honored to have scholars like yourself to give us lectures / speeches in these online sessions and webinars. We would also like to introduce some of your books / publications / courses that you conduct, to our participants which might be helpful to us in future.

    Best regards

    DLS New York

    • Dear Ravi,

      I am very honored by your request and the opportunity. Thank you. I am very open to sharing knowledge with your community, however I must confess giving speeches is not really my thing and I probably would not be very good. Mostly I work one on one with people and occasionally write something. Even thou Advaita is the basis for my understanding of Truth, I am not very traditional, as far as scriptures go etc. I do know what it is to be awake and I can discuss this topic with others and or answer questions about it and my own journey.

      So with this said, I am not sure how I can be of service to your community? If it would serve you and if you have a forum for it, I would be happy to write a new article or share an older article for publication.

      I wish you well.

      Thank you,

  2. Superb post.Amazing ways to understand oneself ..Thank you for following my blog.Wishing you success.jalal

  3. Sheilan,
    So good to see you are still doing art and sharing. You were an important part of my path as an artist and as a person. You may remember me from Twisp! We shared a few adventures up there. 🙂

    Carolyn Slattery

  4. Hi Sheilan. The “conversation” link on your website is broken. Do you still talk one-on-one with people? I found your site a while back and felt like I would love to speak with you about my experiences. Mother Durga came to me in a meditation about three years ago. She taught me (reminded me?) about Advaita and changed my life. However, I feel like there is more I need to be doing, and I would really like to talk with someone who can relate. The people around me are supportive, but they don’t understand the depth of the experience.

    Best to you, and thank you –


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