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ad ilt 1w“We exist in a dream. The only way to realize who is dreaming the dream is for the Dreamer to awaken. ”    ~Sheilan

Welcome… As a human being, we are made up of three parts: our physical self, (the avatar or representative), our higher self and soul self. The spirit body of our higher self, allows our soul to exist. The higher self is who we are in the higher dimensions and when we are not incarnated in a physical body. The higher self operates like a bridge for our consciousness. It is the go-between for our soul and our physical self.  The soul is the part of us that has no beginning and no end and knows no limits.  Only the higher self and the physical self have limits and might have a beginning and end.

Sleep is necessary for regenerating all parts of Self. Though meditation is a useful tool, sleep is the paramount way of connecting to our higher self and soul. When we are asleep and dreaming our higher self is awake and taking care of the business of Self on the other side in the higher dimensions. When we are awake here our higher self is in a resting state there.  When we are asleep information is downloaded to us and when we are awake we upload information to our higher self.

The internet has helped educate people on the topic of awakening. However, there is confusion because there are many levels to awakening. Most awakened beings are not awakened at the same level of dimensional awareness and understanding and so there is a lot of distortion about reality and this Earth School. This adds to the chaos of the end of a cycle in the current Earth dream. Misinformation teaches the lesson of discernment and teaches us to follow our own inner guidance.

MaRae, my higher self, resides in the highest dimensions of this Earth School. I, her human avatar, have integrated into the higher dimensions where she resides. I hope our teachings help you expand into the light of your higher self and clarify some things, to help you have a lighter perspective about the reality of this Earth dream. While you are here, look around and read some articles and watch some videos!

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