The Self and the Sleeping Self

The Dream Portal by Sheilan

Our Self, as a being, is made up of three parts: our physical self who hosts our ethereal self (higher self) and soul self.  The higher self is the host for the soul and who we are when we are not in this physical body.  The higher self is like a bridge for our consciousness; it is the go between to our soul and physical self.  The soul is the part of us which has no beginning and no end and knows no limits.  Only higher self and physical self has limits and has a beginning and end.

At the beginning of a Universal Cycle, the soul comes out of the One and is given a higher self to function and play in creation.  The soul stays in the higher self until the end of the Universal Cycle and then it either merges back into the One or the higher self enlists in the angelic kingdom to serve other Universal Cycles. The soul and higher self explores the spectrum of light via training grounds like earth or other planetary schools located thru out the universe.

When entering a school, physical bodies are given to the soul and higher self as vehicles. Bodies could be anything in the physical realm that a soul wants to experience and not limited to the human experience.  Often the soul will split it self into 4-6 parts in what is called life lines to have a more varied experience and to get the maximum out of school. When an expression of self is no longer needed or we have completed our lessons and schooling on a training ground, our life lines merge back into us.  Life lines have their own soul and higher self, which is connected to the original soul and higher self.  Most of the beings on the planet in this 3-D game are life lines of their original soul.  In such cases, the original soul and higher self stays on the other side of the veil guiding its players or life lines.

Sleep is necessary for regenerating all parts of Self. Though meditation is a useful tool, sleep is the paramount way for connecting to our higher self and soul.  If we are a life line player, sleep is essential for us to connect to our original, greater self.  When we are asleep and dreaming our higher self is awake and taking care of the business of Self on the other side of the veil.  When we are awake here our higher self is asleep there.  When we are asleep information is downloaded to us and when we are awake we upload information to our sleeping higher self.

If you have paid any attention to your dreams you know there are many kinds of dreams to experience.  Sometimes we dream about the lives of the other parts of us or life line players. Sometimes we are being instructed or informed and guided by our soul and higher self on a topic or issue in our life. There is so much more to dreaming than people who study dreams realize.   This 3-D reality is also a kind of dream, which can be changed without the physical self realizing a change has happened.

If you study and pay attention to your dreams you will realize that the dream reality of our sleep is as valid as our waking reality dream.  Are you awake now or are you dreaming? Are you sure? Yes this is a trick question, but worth pondering.  Because of the dream quality of reality, it is possible for a pole shift and shift in consciousness (a theme change) to take place for this earth school and most of us would not know it.  It would be as simple as going to sleep and waking up in a new peaceful, harmonious reality.

This is how planetary schools change their themes.  The shift is not happening because of evolution etc. This is a dream… the notion of evolution is part of the dream.  We grow lighter so we can see the dream!  After the theme changes, it will all seem very normal… like it has always been this way.  We simply wake up from being asleep and dreaming and while asleep we were conditioned for the change of theme. Perhaps, after the theme change occurs, it might seem as if the nightmare of this life is only a distant, fading memory of a past dream.

Row row row your boat gently down the stream… merely merrily merely merrily life is just a dream!

Happy 2014,


“You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop.” – Rumi

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11 responses to “The Self and the Sleeping Self

  1. I LOVE this Sheilan! In your depiction of The Dream Portal, I see the marrying of the finite dualities (male and female). I, also, perceive these 2 dualities dissolving within The Infinite, The All. I, however, cannot describe it, but simply perceive it – It is so clear to me in your picture.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful Knowing.

      • Likewise Sheilan.

        Expanding on this discussion, you wrote, “When entering a school, 3-D bodies are given to the soul and higher self as vehicles.” As I know it, not every training ground/school requires/needs a 3-D body as concrete as our human bodies. I have also been made aware that the human kingdom is the only training ground where a “self” must be born into (i.e. come into the womb, transition into a fetus, baby and grow into adulthood).

        • Thank you for your contribution to this discussion Noaris. I am not sure exactly what you mean… Yes a body could be a blade of grass, tree or slug etc. anything which is physical . This is why i said body and not human body. On earth it is 3-D, but yes there are other training grounds which have other dimensions with physical bodies and not limited to 3-D, which perhaps i should clarify. Was this what you were pointing out?

          if you mean there are any training grounds where higher self is our only vehicle/body this is not my understanding, If you know about any i would like to hear more about it.

          Do you mean animal kingdom instead of human kingdom as obviously animals go thru this process too?

          • Yes, your first paragraph describes exactly what I meant.

            Yes, I also meant the animal kingdom coming into a womb and further moving along developmental stages as humans do, as we (both Human and Animal Kingdoms) reside in planet Earth, which resides within the earth plane.

            Thank you Sheilan for clarifying my words.

            • I will clarify my article for the things you pointed out. Thank you.

              Sounds like going thru the unique birth experience this training ground offers would be something beings would want to come and experience. Speaking of which, i recall hearing addictions are also kind of a unique experience that this training ground offers….. oh joy! ^_^

            • Yes! The intensity of some of our most awesome emotions are magnified in planet Earth – and may be experienced differently in other kingdoms within the earth plane. Fascinating and Challenging, to say the least! 🙂

  2. Hello. I am so incredibly mesmerized by this article. I have found myself thinking this way for many years and honestly felt I was mentally I’ll. never sharing these thoughts with anyone. Recently I have been introduced to Moojii’s teachings and I am addicted. I enjoy his teachings so very much. I just don’t understand how these thoughts entered me without having heard of them prior. I wonder if you have any guidance for me. I find that after reading some of your articles everything starts to make sense for me. Same happens with Mooji’s teachings. I would like to learn more.
    Many thanks,

    • Danae,
      Truth is always present and available for all of us to Know. Some of us come into this life Knowing more Truth because we have worked in prior lifetimes removing the veils of ego, so we could know Truth. Thou we are all One some of us came out of the One long before others of us did… Just like with a family, there are some of us who are older.

      We are each our own teacher, so follow where your higher self guides you to go for your own unfolding of Truth. Question everything and find your own Truth about reality… and strengthen your relationship with your own higher self and make your higher self your identity instead of your ego or physical being. Trust you are not mentally ill and also know you are not alone, there are others here like you!

      Wishing you the best.
      In love and light,

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