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The New Earth is Near

We are at the crossroads between the end of one dream cycle and the beginning of the next dream cycle on the teaching field of the earth school.  MaRae, my higher self, was already awakened and was residing in the highest dimensions before coming to earth, so her perspective is unique and supreme. I look forward to sharing some of what I have learned. Here is our new video, I hope it is useful on your journey.

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Our Soul Gives Us Our Thoughts

At the broadest perspective or understanding, the soul is the fire which animates these bodies and all things, so yes the soul generates all of our thoughts at various levels including thoughts from the brain’s ego, intellect, and mind chatter.

The soul also generates the thoughts and feelings which come from our emotions. The more elevated we become in our vibration, the more our thoughts will come directly from our soul/higher self in the higher dimensions of self.

When we align ourselves with our higher self and soul, we become a completely guided individual. If we pay attention we will be able to use our thoughts as part of the governing factor which guides us and gives us understanding.  Until the time we are aligned many of our thoughts come from our ego and it will be difficult to separate the two sources.

And as we travel on our spiritual path and we will be able to decipher the more subtle energies of the soul/higher self, and this will help lead us to a more direct connection with our soul / higher self. This connection is sublime. This is how I have precisely been able to push the boundaries of the higher dimensions at this earth school. This is how I directly hear and communicate with my higher self all throughout the day with all things matter great and small.

In the past, when I have pushed through higher dimensional realities, thoughts came to me like breadcrumbs leading me to new pathways of understanding. This stretched my knowledge/understanding beyond what was previously normal for me. Little by little the mind stretches to take in the new perceptions and understanding that came. This is also how we can go deep and directly connect to the energy of the Universal Soul of all things.

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Is This All A Dream?

Recently I was asked: “Since everything feels completely realistic while dreaming, why is it dismissed that our existence while awake is an illusion?”

I have often marveled how few people question what this reality is. Of course, the deeper one goes down the consciousness rabbit hole, the more one finds out this too is a type of dream. I have watched many spiritually advanced friends struggle to remember that this life is a dream especially when they are caught up in emotional pain. I have crossed the line so that I pretty much know this reality is a dream most of the time. The dream is clearly seen by me.

I also marvel that people don’t question more why we dream and the necessity for us to get a good night sleep in order to stay healthy and live. Lucid dreams, or the dreams which stand out, are easy to remember. They are vignettes of our higher self carrying-on, on the other side in the higher dimensions. When we sleep as humans we are awake in the higher dimensions and when are awake here, we are in a rest mode there.

The earth school we attend is finishing up the current teaching cycle. This is why things in our civilization seem to be falling apart. People have become polarized in their beliefs and life is intense. Fukushima, Japan continues to dump radiation into the ocean. The plastic around the earth is threatening our ecosystem etc. Climate change is real, thou, it is not man-made…. It is happening because the dream we are living in is about to change to a new dream with the help of a pole shift. Pole shifts and dream changes happen about every 10 thousand years.

The dream before this dream was called Atlantis and the dream before that was called Lemuria. In our current cycle, we have a male dominant perspective. In Lemuria, we had a female dominant perspective. For all kinds of soul growth, it is important for the teaching curriculum of the earth to change every so often. Each time the curriculum changes, great care goes into making the school setting seem as real as possible… as if it has always been this way and things evolve. Evolution is a mere dream. I have recollections of other dream cycles of this earth school. My being has participated in dream changes many times and I have memories of the change.

If we take an honest look at our civilization’s current situation, we know there is no possible way for us to evolve out of this mess. Many who have yet to realize this is a dream are scared to death about what seems to be happening to our world and rightfully so. The scare is helping many to awaken. The new dream will start out with a civilization who is more advanced and more consciously awake. The darker energies who are currently in the old dream will not be allowed into the beginning of the new dream. The new dream will start out as a time of peace and joy.

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Unconditional Love for Humanity?

treks-best-villains-20090429034500466-000-e1549581080657.jpgI was recently asked if I have unconditional love for all of humanity?

Here is my  human answer! I am aware the answer might not be politically correct for some beings, where only unconditional love is acceptable. In this incarnation, I am more concerned about being real and true to my higher self than pretending I have not grown tired of the shenanigans of dark energies on the planet.

The answer is yes and no. Yes, at the highest level of my being (my higher self), I do have unconditional love for all and this is my true self. In the highest of dimensions, I have no prejudices and I have understanding and empathy for even the darkest of beings. And much of this reality comes through to my human self as a result of my spiritual growth. However, this human can sometimes be conditional depending on the situation I find myself in. And this is okay with me, for I know I have already evolved myself to be unconditional in the higher dimensions and sometimes being conditional is the way we need to go while in this human experience.

Even thou I know this earth is a school with a broad spectrum of light energies for students, I sometimes grow tired and lack patience with dark, stuck energies. These energies get great joy in making life miserable for all of us. I am soul tired and want to be done babysitting this type of dark energy, who really doesn’t care about others and doesn’t want to grow and learn. I am a forgiving person and if someone wants to grow I will always help them and give them a chance to do so.

There is a very dark energy group at our earth school. They are bullies and always want to be in control. They provide valuable lessons to be learned by all of us, but still, they are tiresome. They are greedy and power-hungry haters. I am tired of their psychic attacks towards me and all who shine the light. They secretly covet other’s light without doing the work to spiritually evolve. Thou our lessons with them are unpleasant, we are able to grow stronger from our interactions irregardless.

This dark, slow to grow group, will need to leave the teaching-field for a while due to the soon-to-come cosmic changes in the earth school’s curriculum. The very dark are ignorant, fighting not to leave the teaching-field, while trying to hold on to their false power and their twisted notion of who they think they are. I hope the change brings evolutionary growth to this group of beings.

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Losing Friends After Awakening

I was recently asked: If you lose friends during spiritual awakening, is it because you’re not vibrating at the same frequency anymore?

Yes, this can happen and does often with any kind of inner growth. The new energy can easily become incompatible with the old energy.  How both sides handle the situation is part of the learning experience of earth school.

Friendships and other relationships don’t necessarily need to end when awakening growth happens, but there can be new awkwardness and perhaps even secret envy coming from others who continue to live in the old energy that we leave behind.

Unless the other person makes it unbearable for us, as multidimensional beings, we should be able to connect and find common ground with others no matter their dimensional level even though our own values and perceptions have changed. This is a lesson for all of us.

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Lessons Planned For Us Before Birth

I was recently asked questions about what life plans might be made for us before we are born.

This earth school consists of many levels of learning for the young souls to older more advanced souls so what might be planed before a lifetime is entirely individual for each soul. The general curriculum set up is similar to the third dimension school set up, where basics courses and topics are mandatory for all students in the lower classes, but in the upper classes one gets to chose what they want to learn based on their individual interests of growth. Our karmic lessons are woven into our studies throughout all of our schooling.

Various courses are required of us to fulfill before we can graduate. These course requirements allow us to develop our knowledge beyond the subjects that interest us. The earth school experience is known to be one of the toughest experiences in the universe. The courses for beings here are raw and extreme.

Some of the basics to learn here are learning to be gender fluid by being able to live as a male in one lifetime and the next lifetime as a female without gender confusion. Exploring each gender gives us an appreciation of the polar opposite of us as well as a deeper understanding about relationships.

Learning to deal with and balance the full human scale of emotions is another primary lesson we all need to learn. Also. a major study that this school is popular for is its teachings on racism and addictions.

When one takes on a lesson it usually takes place over many lifetimes, and we experience the lesson from both sides like being rich and being poor, being a leader and being a follower, being healthy and being sick etc.

If you look out at humanity you will see the vastness of lessons and experiences available for souls to have before we are advanced enough to be able to graduate from this school and to leave and enter another school somewhere in the universe.

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Shift to New Earth / New Civilization

This is our second video about the soon to come, new civilization or the new earth. This enlightened teaching explains what the new civilization will be like and how it will come about and who will qualify to participate. Also watch our first video on the topic: Shift and the New Earth Coming Soon.

MaRae, my higher self, was already awakened and was residing in the highest dimensions before coming to earth, so her perspective is unique and supreme. I look forward to sharing some of what I have learned.

New teachings will be available soon.

Thank you!

Higher Dimension’s Teachings on Youtube

Peace be with you.

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