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IMG_0592 (3)wPeople often ask me what or who was my spiritual catalyst to awaken?

Most of all, just like it is for each of you, I myself was my own catalyst. More than wanting anything else, I had a deep desire to know the truth beyond what the world was offering to me. During my 46 years of being on a spiritual path, I have come across many great teachers. However, my own inner drive to go deeper, beyond what each had to offer, has surpassed them all dimensionally. They each in their way opened a doorway for me. In the end, it was my own higher self, which was the ultimate catalyst for me. My higher self, MaRae gave me the drive to Know, along with the tailor-made signposts on my path, to find and retrieve the Knowledge and vibration I craved.

As Sheilan, I am the human avatar for MaRae. I represent her and I am here on her behalf to serve, grow and learn. The connection to my soul/higher self and the information I have received has taken me further on my path than what the third-dimensional intellect can comprehend… there are no limits. I have studied many spiritual teachings along the way and each time my higher self would show me where the weak spot or limitation of the teaching was and urged me to go even farther.

My spirituality is individual (as is the case for all of us) and comes from the highest of the Earth’s dimensions. I have memories of past lives on this earth as well as from other star systems. MaRae is part of a group of souls who have come to Earth on a mission and we will be leaving soon when the Earth  shifts into the next dream cycle for teaching. We are currently helping to prepare individuals for the coming shift, which is soon to come.

The questions I really wanted to know were about her… who am I in the higher dimensions? Where is she in the spectrum of light? Why is she on Earth? What is this Earth reality? These are the type of questions that pushed me along. Yes, we are all connected via our soul, but we all are not at the same level or are even from the same universe. Many teachers have yet to answer some of these questions for themselves and so they don’t speak about it in their teachings.

We can know who we are and about our group soul and where we are from and where we are going after leaving this Earth school. My higher self has given me the Knowledge of existing beyond my physical body, the knowledge we are all One at the soul level. Knowing this and that the universe is infinite, are the basics of becoming awakened. However, the spiritual path is infinite and these things are just the beginning of our journey into Knowledge. Don’t let anyone limit you from knowing more.

Peace and blessings to you on your journey,

~ Sheilan

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