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Who Am I As a Higher Being?

I was recently asked “How do I know my type of soul or how advanced my soul is? How do I find out who I am as a higher being?”

These are good things to wonder about. It might take us a long time to find the answers to this information depending on how connected we are to our higher self and how much understanding we have about reality. Our higher self holds the answers to these questions. Other people who channel beings from the other side can give us insights into our being, but sometimes this information is tainted because they themselves, or who they channel, might not be evolved enough to get the information without distortions of their consciousness.

Part of why this information is meaningful is because the process of getting it for our self can be enriching and can broaden our understanding of reality and how creation works. Sometimes the answers won’t come until we have more understanding of such things… they feed each other. It is a bit of puzzle that we need to put together piece by piece for ourselves. And there is nothing more empowering than having clear communication with our higher self. To be able to live our life with such a connection to Self and to get clear guidance is such a joy.

How I began was, I started connecting with my higher self in meditation and then through journaling and asking questions. I made it clear I was not interested in channeling anyone else but my higher self. It is easy to channel other beings but harder to communicate with one’s higher self. Channeled information from others can sometimes help us to know about our Self. However, I often found the channelings from other beings to be somewhat hit and miss and often came with many distortions. Later on my path, I knew I wanted only the help and information from my own being. I practiced for years and years until now I can ask questions and hear and feel the answers or I can write what I hear if something more lengthy is being conveyed. I am in constant communication with my higher self throughout the day.

Higher self is our intuition and also sends us messages through our feelings and dreams. If I were pondering the answers to something in particular my higher self would often speak to me while I was in the shower. This is probably because I was more open to hearing… going for a walk in nature would have a similar effect.  In order to understand where our being is in the order of things, one needs to understand both the order of things and about their own being… these things go hand in hand.

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Visuals I Have Used on My Path?

I was recently asked what visuals I like to use while on my spiritual journey, i.e. lakes, mountains, light, etc.?

This is a great question for me as visuals have always been integrated into my spiritual journey. Nature is of course inspiring, but being an artist and remembering the higher dimensions and many past lives from the East like India and China, I have preferred the use of more personal man-made visuals like mandalas and Buddhist artwork. I never tied the images to the religion they are intended, but saw them as universal symbols of the spiritual journey.

When I first started to awaken forty plus years ago, I was drawn to create what seemed like an abstract higher dimensional image. The image was a type of Middle Eastern Mandala, which held a higher vibration, which I could tune into. Creating this image was an awakening in itself as I had little understanding of spiritual art at that time.

Shortly after this time, I started to tap into my own innate understanding of sacred geometry. I was fascinated with all the different shapes of crystal minerals and I was desirous of designing and making little temples and was told this is something my higher self did at one time in the higher dimensions while in another planetary system.

After this time, thirty such years ago, I became aware of the male-dominated society in which we live and in which the Divine Feminine is shunned. Being female, I gravitated towards Goddess images, which represented all aspects of the Divine Feminine and also my feminine higher self whom I was working to get in touch with at this time.

After this period, twenty plus years ago, as my third eye was starting to open, everywhere I looked I saw the Divine Matrix of creation and everywhere I saw mandalas woven into materiality. I remembered my experience with creating my first sacred piece of art and so I began to paint a small series of similar images. After this period, as my enlightenment started to unfold, I gravitated towards the visuals of little statues of Buddha.

These days, art and images aren’t needed or hold the same importance on my journey. The old art doesn’t speak to me the way it used to. I have kept a small Buddha and Green Tara around, and I enjoy them also as part of my memories, along with a few other Asian antiques. I will always use sacred geometry to create my living spaces as it is who I am and it supports my energy while I am in the third dimension.

Sometimes I create digital mandalas and mirrored images for fun from my photos. They look like openings into other dimensions. This is like keeping alive an old discarded secret language. But really, there are no visuals needed to be part of my path as they once were. My understanding of this is, there are no longer images or symbols, which represent the higher dimensions my consciousness is striving to reach at this time. This is indeed something to ponder. We never stop growing!

What visuals we us is an interesting self reflective thing to ponder… What visuals have you used on your journey and why?

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Why We Incarnate

I was recently asked: “If we are higher beings in a temporary incarnation, why is it necessary to incarnate to learn lessons instead of learning them in our higher form?”

All 13 of the dimensions of the earth are part of this earth school. We always have the opportunity to learn and grow. There are some beings in service to this school, as some of the angelics, who have very few incarnations. On the other side, part of the focus is to be of service to others in all the various ways and to help those who have incarnated with their lessons. In order to be really good at helping those who have incarnated, we need to incarnate, so that we have a better understanding of what it is like to be limited by our physicality and by time and to deal with such things as emotions and karma. In the higher dimensions, we also take classes and study various subjects, but at some point, we need to put all our higher dimensional learning to the test by incarnating into physicality.

So we incarnate to test ourselves… we need the denser, 3-D to grow because it is more intense and faster than just growing on the other side in the higher dimensions. The lessons available at this level are more varied, dramatic and extreme. We can explore and experience lessons in physicality which isn’t available in the higher dimensions. Because of the 3-D body’s emotions, we can feel everything more deeply. We can explore all kinds of themes and story lines. We can change our gender and make use of the karmic system, which isn’t available in the higher dimensions.

A handful of higher dimensional beings at the school, are from previous universes and are not required to incarnate into the 3-D unless they want to. They may choose to incarnate and play the role of a major teacher in one of the themes and then follow up and guide their teachings from the other side. The majority of the beings at this school are from this current universe and are required to incarnate to get a full rounded education in order to graduate and leave the school. There are other schools in the universe that are based in the higher dimensions and much less intense than earth.

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What Unconscious Means Spiritually

Unconsciousness means a being is asleep or unaware of who and what they are beyond their limited consciousness of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. It means the spirit being or higher self of a human has yet to either evolve into the higher dimensions or the human part of themselves has yet to awaken to the dimensions of who they are on the other side.

And an unconscious being does not yet have the understanding of what existence is. Someone who is unconscious usually believes or identifies with who they are as an ego rather than who they are as a spirit being in the higher dimensions. Instead of being guided by their intuition from their higher self they are pulled around by their egos. Just like there are degrees to being enlightened there are degrees of being unconscious. Both reflect the spectrum of light all beings exist in but are at opposite ends.

Earth is a school designed to bring more awareness to the unconscious parts of our being. When our consciousness is awake, we are aware we exist in dimensions beyond the physical body. We understand we are one energy, connected by our souls and everything we see is part of this same energy. We understand this life is but a dream and there are infinite more lives to be lived by us on this planet and other planets and we know the journey of becoming conscious is a never-ending journey through the cosmos.

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Chakras and Dimensions

Do we have more than 7 chakras and how do we utilize them if we do?

Chakras of the Body

There are 13 chakras for the human body. There are 13 dimensions which make up this earth school. To utilize all the chakras one must evolve their consciousness into all 13 dimensions. Most people on the earth at this time only utilize 5 of their lower chakras.

In the next coming, more advanced earth cycle, which many call the new earth, most beings will utilize 7 of their chakras. At this time on earth, the 7 basic chakras are what most people look to as the bodies energy system.

When a chakra is open it means we are integrating with our soul/higher self at that level and the dimension it is associated with. When we close down some of the chakra centers we have gained access to, we lose the connection and knowledge to that part of our soul/higher self.

If you want to expand your chakra centers, consciously work to integrate yourself into your soul/higher self. Explore who you are beyond the physical body and the physical world and integrate this reality into your daily life.

To understand more about your higher self and the new earth cycle soon to come, please go to video page.


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My Awakening

I have experienced many stages of awakening all throughout my adult life.

My first awakening happened in my early twenties, in 1974, after sincerely telling the universe I wanted to know more. This started me on my spiritual path. I progressed on my path pretty normally up until the last 20 years when life became very intense and hard. The deepest shifts in my spiritual awakenings were during this time precipitated from illnesses, hardships, and tragedies. These were the methods my soul/Higher self chose for me to go through to ascend and to strip away my ego. It is absolutely true what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.

The very short version of my awakening story is: I have a virus in my body which made it difficult for me to work normally to earn a living because I don’t have enough energy. This forced me into surrendering into a new lifestyle that gave me more time to ponder reality then what most people are able to do. And because of the virus and not being able to work, there was a lengthy period in my life when I was close to becoming homeless. And during this time of devastating hardship, my longtime soul mate suddenly became ill and died. After his death and over the months that followed, I completely let go of everything in the material world I had been holding on to.

This was all happening during the first stage of the crisis in the Middle East when so many beings were going through intense hardships. This made what i was going through seem like peanuts. This gave me an important perspective and I became grateful for the smallest things in my life. Also during this time, I pushed the envelope to develop a deep relationship with my higher self and to ask really deep questions about reality. It was an ultra-intense time for me to study and gain higher Knowledge. I had a deep thirst to know the things others would say “there is no way to know such things while in the human form”. No one had the undistorted information which I wanted to know, so it was up to me to find out for myself and so I did. This raised my vibration even more.

Since my ascension and awakening into the highest of dimensions, I have been given a secure place to live and a small inheritance and live a simple peaceful life. I am very grateful indeed.


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Living Infinitely While In a Finite Body

As we awaken we learn to balance with the world around us. This video is about bringing the higher dimensions into the 3rd dimension and living an infinite life by using our connection with our higher self while in a finite body.

MaRae, my higher self, was already awakened and was residing in the highest dimensions before coming to earth, so her perspective is unique and supreme. I look forward to sharing some of what I have learned.

New teachings will be available soon.

Thank you!

Higher Dimension’s Teachings on Youtube

Peace be with you.

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