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This Is Serious Information

The Light Always Wins

We are at the final hours of the old dream now, and ready to shift into a lighter, brighter dream. All the dirty-deeds and corruptions are coming to light and available for all to know. Thou, not everyone will believe and is ready to see the truth. Seeing the sinister plot happening in this dream, is the first stage of awakening.

About a week ago, I started digging into conspiracy information because the COVID-19 virus wasn’t making sense to me anymore, and I wanted to see what others were saying. I went down the rabbit hole, digging around, and I was led to some information that comes right from the horse’s mouth. This information is shocking!

A whistleblower on a podcast interview, reveals the darker sinister plot behind vaccines and COVID-19, HIV, CFS, and many other diseases the world has been dealing with. I never thought it was possible to know this information, but here it is. My mind is blown, and I now need to share the information with those who will listen. The world needs to know what has been going on.

The interview is long, but I urge you to take your time and listen to the whole thing. Mike, the interviewer, is a little long-winded in the beginning before the interview begins. This is one of the most earth-shattering things I have ever listened to. It all comes together in the final hour of the podcast. The scope of illness and hardship the world has had to endure because of these monsters is unreal… the mind can’t take it in.

Dr. Judy Mikovits, who is being interviewed, has the proof because she was there and is part of the story. Please listen and pass the information and link on. She also wrote a book, Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science, just out on Amazon.

Thomas Paine Podcast link:!dd196   This is a long interview…

This is a shorter video interview (26 min):!/v/veritas11/QmYG5y53VFjjHP2t5ZqkH8xoYSMyHwbA1pSHyX3fFt6gw7

The Light always wins because, in the Big Story, the Light is all there is. We are seeing the end of the plot now.

Peace and Light,


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The Collective Dream

This Earth is a school, just Like many other planets in the universe. The central teachings happen in a Collective Dream in the 3rd dimension. Every ten thousand years or so, the dream classroom changes, and we approach this happening right now.  We are witness to the shift of one civilization into another. Some of us have memories of prior classrooms, like Atlantis and Lemuria. Each of our souls and higher selves hold the dream for our being within this collective dream. Eighteen pyramids were used throughout the teaching field to support the collective dream. This will all get reset during the shift and the backdrop of the classroom will change to look much different from what we see today.  The new backdrop will be about 600 years into the future, and consciousness will be higher dimensionally, from what we currently know.

When the final shift stage goes into effect, all the dreamers will be taken out of the old classroom and will be placed into interdimensional shelters of safety. The shelters are currently waiting for us. They were shown to me in my dreams. At this present time, some shelters are being used for the beings crossing-over from the virus. When the final hour comes, these way-stations will allow the qualifying, higher dimensional dreamers, to continue in the collective dream, from the old classroom into the new class of the New Earth.

At the beginning of each new classroom cycle, there is an allotted few thousand years, that goes towards higher-dimensional learning. Sometimes these years have been referenced as the Golden Years or Golden Times for a civilization. After the initial period of this time, the evidence of such a period is covered-up, and the classroom is set up for the regular 3rd-dimensional lessons.

The beings who have completed all their Earth school lessons will exit the shelters to reunite with their greater soul/higher self and then graduate from Earth school. The beings whose energies are too dense and vibrationally low will also exit the shelters to reunite with their greater soul/higher self and will stay out of the classroom until it changes to accommodate their vibration and lessons.

The beings who continue on in the dream to the New Earth will be given new, lighter, vibrational bodies that are capable of living longer lives.  One of the topics of the beginning civilization will be “is this real?” Many of the beings will remember this old, prior dream. Many of the beings won’t be able to remember anything about this old dream. And many of the beings will sit on the fence about it and be undecided.

We can better understand our own part and how the collective dream works by paying attention to our own personal dreams. If we observe the nature of dreaming and ourselves in our dreams, we might start to understand a bit about the mechanics of the collective dream. The more our consciousness awakens out of the collective dream, the more we can understand how everything fits together.

We are living in scared times, participating in the shift of an old tired, classroom resetting itself, into the fresh and shiny New Earth. There is nothing to fear, as all is happening as it should, and you are right where you need to be.

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Staying Positive

I was recently asked this question: “What is positive energy? Can you see it? If so, what sort of instrument or device can you use to see it?

Everything is part of the same energy. I cannot give you a scientific understanding. However, since you asked, I will share my metaphysical understanding. Once energy becomes encapsulated into a material form, that energy becomes part of the material reality and exists within a spectrum of light. When looking at the spectrum range, no matter where we look, there will be lighter, positive energies and there will always be energies that are darker and more negative. The spectrum of light is relative to where one is standing within the spectrum and viewing the range.

The lighter and darker energies expressing themselves in human beings will take on either lighter/positive or darker/negative demeanors. More luminous being’s demeanor will be more positive, (having more positive qualities), than beings whose energy is darker in their light energy. The term “positive energy” refers to the lightness of one’s being, which reflects the demeanor of our being.

Every being is an energy instrument, and the more we are tuned into the source of our instrument, the more we can feel and see the difference between the positive and negative energy of other beings. In positive energy, things grow and are nurtured and fed. It feels good. In negative energy, things wither and eventually die, because the energy feels bad. Again, it is relative to where one is standing within the spectrum, doing the viewing, and feeling of energy.

During this time of confusion and uncertainty, it is essential to focus on the lighter side of the spectrum and stay in positive energy for everyone. Peace and Light be with you and keep each other safe.

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Earth’s Last Lesson Before Shift

FREE – Take what you need,

Greetings from self-isolation,

The pandemic has brought the world to its knees in a type of surrender, as it was designed to do. This has raised the vibration and the consciousness of the Earth.

Many are choosing to leave the third dimension now before the coming shift into the higher dimensions happens. Many now are scared and worried about their health or that of their loved ones and fear death. There is financial uncertainty thrown into this mix as well. How we each handle ourselves during this time of uncertainty is our individual lesson.

Many are realizing life will never return to how it was before the pandemic. For me, this is the fascinating part of what is happening now. A large number of people are seeing the threads leading to the New Earth. The energies on the planet are being divided like oil and water. We are each being asked to choose what camp we are in, the higher dimensions of the New Earth, or are we sticking with the lower dimensions of this old Earth. The old Earth is reflected in the defunct political system, which continues to be as dark as ever. During this pandemic, the dark energy of the elite in power continues to hoard all the wealth and resources they can get their hands on via the gifts of governments.

Shinning through the darkness, we see people coming together to help and care for each other during this challenging time. People on the frontline, like all the medical workers, working tirelessly, putting themselves at risk, are the heroes of the world. Many see social distancing will become the new normal, and this will change the way we work and socialize. A lot more people now will be forever working from home with the use of computers and the internet. We must rely on our inner connections with each other to keep us sane and from being lonely. I suspect this is setting us up for when we have 100 percent shifted into the New Earth. In the future, relying on our inner connections to others and working from home will be a way of life. The New Earth will be a very advanced, futuristic, global, and intergalactic society.

The horrific pandemic has the key and is throwing the door wide open to the New Earth. Until we are on the other side of that door, be kind, and keep each other safe. The pandemic calls us to be light, and look for the gifts of the times, rather than to focus on the tragedy and darkness befalling us. Atlantis was the last old Earth cycle, which went through a similar shift from an old Earth cycle to the golden period of a New Earth cycle. Many of us have memories of the different cycles of this Earth school and of the shift process. Stay strong together in the light. I wish you all well.

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An Awakened Attitude

Recently someone asked me this question about awakening. “When one awakens, is there still a subtle self with directional awareness?” Find my answer below.

I will attempt to answer your question thou not entirely sure by what you mean by directional awareness, and since it has been quite a while now since my consciousness has been awake, I only sort of remember what it was like previously. The best time to compare the differences would be soon after the shift in awareness has taken place, and before the new consciousness has had a chance to become the new normal.

We each have our own journey to fulfill, and there is no measurement to awareness. One being’s awakeness is another being’s sleep. Awake is just as the word describes, “awake and aware and paying attention.” The personality is still there, but it has taken a back seat. The attachments of the personality become less to non-existent, and this allows our being to be moved by the direction of our soul/higher self instead of ego’s desires or confusion. There are still preferences and opinions, but the attachment around these things has become much diminished. When something comes from our higher guidance, we will preserver in this direction. We become more self-contained and quiet in our being when we are awake. For many, this would seem a dull existence.

What most likely, is the attitude of an awakened being, with all the chaos on the planet right now? Most of us are being encouraged by our higher selves not to become fearful and to know that our fate is in the hands of our higher self, and all is in divine order. Perhaps it is time to stop watching/reading distorted news programs or anything else which spreads fear. It is a time to keep our heads down and take care of our precious bodies and keep our homes a sacred retreat. We must stay calm and centered, so we can hear the direction or guidance given to us from our higher selves. Finding and living in the higher realities of the higher dimensions is what will support the coming shift and keep us strong and intune. It is a time for us to stay focused on the light and beauty of existence. Be happy!

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Tips For Higher Self Connection

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have had a love-filled day now and always. This post is dedicated to the higher being we are and the purpose of this being. Recently I was asked, “How can I connect to my higher self? “What are some tips for this?” Find my response below.


Our higher selves are incredibly accessible to us. The more we engage them, the more accessible they become as we become aware of them in ways we previously did not. They are with us every step of the way in this life. This life is actually their life. When we realize this, a big shift will happen in our consciousness.


The process of learning to communicate back and forth with ease takes years of practice. Our higher self is our intuition and our gut feelings. Religions often use the word conscience to describe the connection. Again, our higher self is who we are and is always with us. Start asking questions for guidance and start listening and see what happens.


Communing with our higher self is a personal practice, and we must find what works best for us. However, here are some beginning tips. 

  • Light a candle and make a formal request to open the channel to practice together.
  • Write in a journal and let our higher self answer back… train ourselves to hear what is being said.
  • Ask questions regularly throughout our day, on any decisions, and listen for the answer.
  • When we get a clear answer to our questions, we should follow it, for this will empower the connection and build trust between Self.

Again, finding the connection inside ourself is unique and personal, and as we do you this, we will become more sensitive to the hearing/feeling/knowing of our Self. There are metaphysical tools available that can also be helpful, like pendulums, tarot cards, I-ching, etc. We can use these tools to confirm our answers if we are uncertain about any of the answers we got. But if we use any of these tools, (same with writing), make sure to direct your questions to your higher self only. Otherwise, some random spirit passing by will answer, and the results will get messy and confusing. 


Be precise. Our questions need to be clear and precise, or we will get unclear answers. If the answers are sometimes confusing, it will be because the questions might not be accurate or precise enough for what we want to know. Learning how to ask questions is also part of the practice. Enjoy creating a deeper relationship with Self.

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The Shadow Self

Recently I was asked about my shadow self. You will find my response to the request below.

In shadow psychology, Carl Jung stated the shadow to be the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. ~ Wikipedia

From my perspective, I no longer have what is thought to be a shadow self. I have a human self, and a soul and higher self and they are now integrated. As the process of integration was happening, the so-called shadow part of me dissolved away.

We are all beings of light that have briefly incarnated into human bodies. For my self, I prefer to focus on, or identify with, the being of light which I am, and who I am in the higher dimensions rather than the brief human. By doing so, the human element of me has awakened at higher dimensional levels than I was previously, and the shadow self vanished.

With the vanishment of the shadow self, we can live an infinite life, while in the human body. This is where we find our inner peace and happiness and shine the light for others. May you find and become your true self.

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