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Staying Positive

I was recently asked this question: “What is positive energy? Can you see it? If so, what sort of instrument or device can you use to see it?

Everything is part of the same energy. I cannot give you a scientific understanding. However, since you asked, I will share my metaphysical understanding. Once energy becomes encapsulated into a material form, that energy becomes part of the material reality and exists within a spectrum of light. When looking at the spectrum range, no matter where we look, there will be lighter, positive energies and there will always be energies that are darker and more negative. The spectrum of light is relative to where one is standing within the spectrum and viewing the range.

The lighter and darker energies expressing themselves in human beings will take on either lighter/positive or darker/negative demeanors. More luminous being’s demeanor will be more positive, (having more positive qualities), than beings whose energy is darker in their light energy. The term “positive energy” refers to the lightness of one’s being, which reflects the demeanor of our being.

Every being is an energy instrument, and the more we are tuned into the source of our instrument, the more we can feel and see the difference between the positive and negative energy of other beings. In positive energy, things grow and are nurtured and fed. It feels good. In negative energy, things wither and eventually die, because the energy feels bad. Again, it is relative to where one is standing within the spectrum, doing the viewing, and feeling of energy.

During this time of confusion and uncertainty, it is essential to focus on the lighter side of the spectrum and stay in positive energy for everyone. Peace and Light be with you and keep each other safe.

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Earth’s Last Lesson Before Shift

FREE – Take what you need,

Greetings from self-isolation,

The pandemic has brought the world to its knees in a type of surrender, as it was designed to do. This has raised the vibration and the consciousness of the Earth.

Many are choosing to leave the third dimension now before the coming shift into the higher dimensions happens. Many now are scared and worried about their health or that of their loved ones and fear death. There is financial uncertainty thrown into this mix as well. How we each handle ourselves during this time of uncertainty is our individual lesson.

Many are realizing life will never return to how it was before the pandemic. For me, this is the fascinating part of what is happening now. A large number of people are seeing the threads leading to the New Earth. The energies on the planet are being divided like oil and water. We are each being asked to choose what camp we are in, the higher dimensions of the New Earth, or are we sticking with the lower dimensions of this old Earth. The old Earth is reflected in the defunct political system, which continues to be as dark as ever. During this pandemic, the dark energy of the elite in power continues to hoard all the wealth and resources they can get their hands on via the gifts of governments.

Shinning through the darkness, we see people coming together to help and care for each other during this challenging time. People on the frontline, like all the medical workers, working tirelessly, putting themselves at risk, are the heroes of the world. Many see social distancing will become the new normal, and this will change the way we work and socialize. A lot more people now will be forever working from home with the use of computers and the internet. We must rely on our inner connections with each other to keep us sane and from being lonely. I suspect this is setting us up for when we have 100 percent shifted into the New Earth. In the future, relying on our inner connections to others and working from home will be a way of life. The New Earth will be a very advanced, futuristic, global, and intergalactic society.

The horrific pandemic has the key and is throwing the door wide open to the New Earth. Until we are on the other side of that door, be kind, and keep each other safe. The pandemic calls us to be light, and look for the gifts of the times, rather than to focus on the tragedy and darkness befalling us. Atlantis was the last old Earth cycle, which went through a similar shift from an old Earth cycle to the golden period of a New Earth cycle. Many of us have memories of the different cycles of this Earth school and of the shift process. Stay strong together in the light. I wish you all well.

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Global Rise in Consciousness

This is my perspective. Here we are a week or so into the great global virus/quarantine of the times. What is happening worldwide is a crisis like no other and the perfect storm for the end of this illusion/dream to happen. It is providing the tool necessary for people to go deeper into their being and to awaken at new levels of consciousness. Events and happenings around the time of 9/11 originally were slated to do this, but for whatever reason, the Earth didn’t feel her school had maximized the old illusion/dream enough, and so the shift didn’t take place.

I can look around the globe to take a measure of the elevation in consciousness as a result of the Covid-19 virus. The countries which have been dealing with this virus, have elevated the dimensions of their consciousness. This is a global dark night of the soul. process What is happening is a fantastic thing, and what was needed to take us into the shift. People are rising up and coming together, and if we do continue in time in this old illusion/dream, we all will have changed.

What we can each do personally to maximize this period, is to stay out of fear and keep each other safe. It is an ideal time to spend communing with higher self, if not already doing so. Support others nearby who might need support, stay upbeat, and positive about what is happening. I have been spending my time in quarantine doing art and yoga and going for walks while watching how it all unfolds because what is happening is fascinating. I would not be surprised if soon, we awaken from a long night’s sleep to find ourselves in a brand new illusion/dream. And until this time, take care and stay safe and keep your heart open.

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Coronavirus New Beginning

In the last few weeks, I have started to see the Caronavirus as some sort of massive preparation for the coming shift into the New Earth.

What is happening is quite phenomenal really. I faced and worked through the small fears I had around it, as I am in the age bracket who are vulnerable. I accepted that there would probably be no escaping exposure to it, and I have prepared myself in a balanced, common-sense way.

From my perspective, whether we get the virus or not, whether we die from the virus or not, is a matter of our individual fate, which is decided by our higher self. This last year I have become very healthy on the Keto diet, which is known to put viruses in the body in remission. (I recommend Dr. Eric Berg’s version and guidance on youtube).

Even thou the virus is not in my community yet, I have been guided to self-quarantine because I know it soon will be. This just feels like the right thing to do at this time, for all kinds of reasons. I am not doing it out of fear, but because this is my guidance.

A friend sent me the below link to an insightful article by Li Edelkoort. She gives a fresh perspective on the Coronavirus. The article is worthwhile to read. I agree with what she is saying. Time will tell how far down the rabbit hole we actually go with the Coronavirus globally.

Coronavirus offers “a blank page for a new beginning” says Li Edelkoort

Take this time to slow down and listen to your guidance. Protect yourself and your community with precautions, but not in fear. Be kind and love each other and ride the wave. This is a time that many are choosing to cross-over. Know that the Earth is a school and we are all here to grow, participate and eventually graduate and leave the Earth. Peace and love.

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An Awakened Attitude

Recently someone asked me this question about awakening. “When one awakens, is there still a subtle self with directional awareness?” Find my answer below.

I will attempt to answer your question thou not entirely sure by what you mean by directional awareness, and since it has been quite a while now since my consciousness has been awake, I only sort of remember what it was like previously. The best time to compare the differences would be soon after the shift in awareness has taken place, and before the new consciousness has had a chance to become the new normal.

We each have our own journey to fulfill, and there is no measurement to awareness. One being’s awakeness is another being’s sleep. Awake is just as the word describes, “awake and aware and paying attention.” The personality is still there, but it has taken a back seat. The attachments of the personality become less to non-existent, and this allows our being to be moved by the direction of our soul/higher self instead of ego’s desires or confusion. There are still preferences and opinions, but the attachment around these things has become much diminished. When something comes from our higher guidance, we will preserver in this direction. We become more self-contained and quiet in our being when we are awake. For many, this would seem a dull existence.

What most likely, is the attitude of an awakened being, with all the chaos on the planet right now? Most of us are being encouraged by our higher selves not to become fearful and to know that our fate is in the hands of our higher self, and all is in divine order. Perhaps it is time to stop watching/reading distorted news programs or anything else which spreads fear. It is a time to keep our heads down and take care of our precious bodies and keep our homes a sacred retreat. We must stay calm and centered, so we can hear the direction or guidance given to us from our higher selves. Finding and living in the higher realities of the higher dimensions is what will support the coming shift and keep us strong and intune. It is a time for us to stay focused on the light and beauty of existence. Be happy!

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Dark Night of the Soul

I have several posts on this topic because even thou our awakening comes from it, it is such a horrific, hard cycle in our life to go through. Not all beings have gone or will go through this kind of cycle. Right now, in our civilization, before a shift in consciousness happens, it is a naturally ripe time for anyone of us to go through a dark night of the soul cycle.  And together, collectively we are going through such a cycle.

The Dark Night of the Soul (dnots) is a term that has been used throughout the ages to indicate a period of spiritual crisis in one’s life. During a dnofts period, our life becomes a shell from what it was prior. People and things get stripped from us in various ways. Dnots is a period of deep pain and transformation. Dnots is a type of event, which, “if it doesn’t kill us, it will make us stronger,” because the transformation takes place at deep and profound levels. Joseph Campbell wrote the dnots is a pivotal part of the hero’s journey for the hero to consciously awaken from the societal stupor they were born into.

“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed.” ~ Joseph Campbell

The dark night of the soul experience is something we in the higher dimension (our higher self or spirit self) designed for our human self to go through. The descent into dnots can be a lonely time, as many around us aren’t aware of what dnots is and why it is happening to us. It can be a scary and threatening process for others to observe. If people believe they have the power to manifest their desires and control their lives, the dark night of the soul process will shred this belief and enlighten them as to who and what is the actual control of their lives.

The descent into darkness takes about three years. and then the ascent out of the night and into the light takes a couple of years. In my sixty-eight years of being a human, I have completed four dnots cycles to awaken consciously at the level I am. To go through this many cycles is very rare. In my fifties and early sixties, I went through two dnots periods close together. By 2014, I began to rise out of ashes of my final dnots and into a new life and consciousness. Who I was before and who I became after, is undeniable. The transformation was complete and amazing. Thou at the time, it wasn’t much fun or inspiring during the time spent in the darkness. I feared my life might stay in the descent portion of the journey.

Collectively, the Earth is in the descent process of a dark night of the soul. Because of the nature of our dream-like reality, he Earth’s ascent will only be noticed by those of us conscious enough to be aware that the event has taken place, and a shift in consciousness has occurred. During the shift into the New Earth, the third dimension of reality will shift to become a sixth-dimensional reality. We had long passed the time when the shift was to move us into the fifth dimension.

Until we can shift into the higher frequency, the reality in this third-dimensional teaching field will continue to be challenging, and a bit crazy, so hold on and pay attention. We are very close now to the shift event happening. I have been tracking the shift into our ascension since 1997. There is no precise date for this event. It is up to the Earth to decide when we are ready to leave the descent portion of the cycle.

During this time, our job as lightworkers is to stay safe and to stay focused. It is time for us to help others who are having difficulties. These times can be confusing, challenging, and scary for those of us who don’t have a spiritual understanding of what we are all collectively going through. One day soon, we will awake from our sleep and get up from our bed, and all will have been transformed into a kinder, gentler world. And it will feel and seem like the world has always been this way.

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A Positive Understanding

Recently someone asked me, “is positive thinking an essential aspect of spiritual enlightenment?” Find my response below to their question.

Yes, absolutely choosing to stay positive is where our human power is or what our free will is. Keeping a positive attitude and a broader perspective on everything, particularly as things are falling apart, is what is going to keep us from losing hope as our ego becomes stripped of all attachments. And deep positivity will help us from being depressed when we witness suffering all around us.

Fake it till you make it! We can fake feeling positive until we are able to make the positivity real. This will help us stay afloat until we are able to reach true acceptance for why things are happening as they are. Our inner peace is to be found within realizing why there is a natural positivity to true reality.”

It is essential in the process of being positive for us not to make up or project false stories about what is and what will happen next for us to stay positive. Making up false stories can be very damaging when actual reality doesn’t turn out like we thought it would.

We need to learn to let our deeper understanding of reality and our relationship with our higher self be the reason we are positive when a situation looks bleak. Knowing the Earth is a school, and we incarnated to be a human at the school, in order for our higher self to grow from human lessons, is going to help us stay positive because we will accept the experiences our lessons bring. Knowing this is true for all beings, will help us to see the broader perspective and be positive about our life and world.

What is happening now to the climate of our planet, and politically, is the experience needed for lessons to take place. The Earth is on track with these lessons, which were demanded to be learned. It is all as it must be.  Have a heart and be strong with your positivity, my friend for yourself and others.

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