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Spiritual Loneliness

Eternity by Sheilan

Recently someone asked me: “Why do I feel so alone while on the spiritual path?” Below is my response. 

We walk this life and the spiritual path alone, and yes, it can be lonely at times. The more we have consciously awakened, the less isolated we tend to feel because of the inner growth which has taken place. When we connect and integrate more with our higher self, the gaps of loneliness we feel are filled up with awakened consciousness and the understanding of Self. We no longer feel the separation of Self so strongly. Our higher self (the spirit self) spends eternity growing and evolving to become lighter within the spectrum of our creation.

Yes, the loneliness can considerably lessen, the more conscious we become. However, from my perspective, while we are embodied, no matter how enlightened we become, it is only natural to feel a bit of loneliness at times. It is a misconception to think that all loneliness simply disappears with enlightenment. If one is in any kind of form, spirit, human or whatever, there will always be a slight kind of loneliness because this is the nature of having a form, and it is inherent in all matter. The spirit self or form will always yearn for higher degrees of light energy and to keep evolving. This yearning is a type of loneliness that pushes our being forward to forever becoming more conscious.

Again, from my perspective, it is not possible no matter how enlightened, while in a form, for this aspect to be gone entirely. While in a form, and if we are enlightened, we exist as a conscious paradox. When consciousness realizes itself, it becomes eternal. Conscious beings do not need to dissolve back into the One because their consciousness has become One. They are a paradox. They will forever be in Oneness thou striving for greater Oneness while in form. We all exist as both spirit (form) soul (energy), and both need to be understood and acknowledged.

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