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Class Is Over

We are in the final hours of this collective dream. The dark is fighting hard to stay in power. They don’t want the control they have taken away from them, and they are unhappy for this is the final act of the play. They want the cycle to continue, but the Earth’s school cycle is wrapping up. Some of their deeds are being revealed, enough so more of the righteous among us have awakened to the scenario of the final lesson. The battle of Earth’s last lesson is almost fully complete now.

I have been having higher self dreams about completing relationships and saying go by to others as we go our different directions at the end of this Earth school cycle. Some beings are graduating and leaving this Earth school. Some beings are going off to other parts of the school. Some are preparing for the new classroom, which is called the New Earth.

For our remaining time, stay inspired, stay safe, and keep shining your light. Whatever it is that your being is preparing for, I send you much light on your journey. I will meet you perhaps at the next planetary school or back on Andromeda.

Peace be with you,


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Dark to Light


Earth is a school, and we in the 3rd dimension are participating in a collective dream. This teaching dream is about to change to a new lighter dream in higher dimensions. At the end of this dream, the main players who are bringing forward the light are being revealed in what is called the Great Awakening,

God and Patriots are front and center in this end drama, bringing forth the New Earth. I can’t speak about other parts of the world regarding this matter, but I do see clearly that this is happening right in front of me, here in the USA. The USA and the constitution have a Deist/God background and was written for the people, by the people, to live in freedom under God. And the storyline being played out now seems to be tied to the story of America and what this country stands for.

Over the years a dark, shadow government or deep state has crept in, and the people, themselves have also become corrupted. This is all being shown now if we want to see and understand what the end storyline is about. Seeing it and understanding is what is bringing forth the light. This is our part in the dream… awakening the dreamer! Things are not as they seem. Do your own research. See as the dark goes to light in the final chapter.

We are going to show you a new world.

Those who are blind will soon see the light.

A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.

History is being made.

You are the saviors of mankind

Nothing will stop what is coming.

Nothing.  17

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Atlantis Leftovers Being Played Out

Atlantis was the collective dream before our current collective dream. In Atlantis, before the collective dream shifted to what we are in now, crazy, abusive experiments were done on humans, somewhat like what the Nazis did to others, who they deemed unpure.

Bill Gates and others who support him are from this group. Some of these beings were also in Nazi Germany doing the experiments. At the end of a collective dream, extreme darkness always comes out and forces itself into the lives of others. After the coming shift into the new dream, and after the Golden Time of the dream, this group will be back to work through their karmic lessons.

Again, this leftover Atlantean drama, which is being played out now, is to help us shift into the new, lighter collective dream. Now is a time of the great awakening.  Some lightworkers will be called upon to participate in the drama, while others will support from behind. It is essential that all be exposed to the truth, and they have the opportunity to choose to awaken or not.

There are no political sides in this fight. This is a fight of the light vs. dark, which has no political side.  Both political parties are being used to distract from the deeper truth. The media will not tell you the truth. Bill Gates and cohorts have already chipped 1 billion of the poorest people in India, as a test for tracking and tracing. This info is documented. There are videos of him talking about it. Go to the Corbett Report on youtube, if interested. Gates wants his new covid-19 vaccine to track and trace everyone and would like governments to make it mandatory. He has been planning this event for a long time.

So ask yourself what is going on with the whole Covid-19 drama? Why was the world put in extreme fear with exaggerations of what the virus is? Listen to the below podcast from Wize Traditions with Leslie Manookian, to get some understanding of the situation. More and more people are speaking out from all directions. Be open and don’t let your bias stop you from listening and knowing what is happening. Use your intuition to know what is true. Peace be with all and the light always wins at the end of the fight.

Copyright © 2012 – 2020 All Rights Reserved Sheilan/Infinite Living Teachings