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The Final Test

The global pandemic and how each country and each individual has handled themselves within the pandemic scenario is the final test of the old collective dream. Our test results will determine the dimension, where our higher self will reside within the new, soon to come collective dream. And if we will be allowed to have a life at the beginning of the new peaceful civilization at all.

During the beginning of Nazi Germany, many discounted it as being untrue or lies. People could not believe that such evil was taking place right under their noses. We are now under a similar threat regarding Bill Gates, the coronavirus, vaccines, and tracking and tracing. The video below shows the real lifelong motive behind putting himself in the center of global health. The information, when realized, is shocking and hard to swallow, but let your gut and intuition tell you the truth of what is being revealed. And of course, Gates is just one of the many bad actors, who are using the situation to fulfill their dark agendas.

The final test of the collective dream is this: Do We Accept the Truth? The information is available for all to see and know. Will you allow yourself to see the truth? And once you understand and accept the truth, what are you going to do with the information? I am letting my higher self guide me with who and with how much to tell and where. Not all are open to knowing.

We are all being tested at this time with this information. I am beyond caring for the labels put on me for sharing what I know to be real about it. I hope the same is for you. Now is the time to spread the information so that we, as a civilization, can pass the test and move forward into a more enlightened and gentler collective dream. For those of us who have been waiting for the shift to happen for a long time now, I hope it comes sooner than later. Many of us lightworkers are tired and want to rest.

Below is the latest video out by the Corbett Report on Bill Gates. Have a look and see what you think. Peace and light to all…

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Atlantis Leftovers Being Played Out

Atlantis was the collective dream before our current collective dream. In Atlantis, before the collective dream shifted to what we are in now, crazy, abusive experiments were done on humans, somewhat like what the Nazis did to others, who they deemed unpure.

Bill Gates and others who support him are from this group. Some of these beings were also in Nazi Germany doing the experiments. At the end of a collective dream, extreme darkness always comes out and forces itself into the lives of others. After the coming shift into the new dream, and after the Golden Time of the dream, this group will be back to work through their karmic lessons.

Again, this leftover Atlantean drama, which is being played out now, is to help us shift into the new, lighter collective dream. Now is a time of the great awakening.  Some lightworkers will be called upon to participate in the drama, while others will support from behind. It is essential that all be exposed to the truth, and they have the opportunity to choose to awaken or not.

There are no political sides in this fight. This is a fight of the light vs. dark, which has no political side.  Both political parties are being used to distract from the deeper truth. The media will not tell you the truth. Bill Gates and cohorts have already chipped 1 billion of the poorest people in India, as a test for tracking and tracing. This info is documented. There are videos of him talking about it. Go to the Corbett Report on youtube, if interested. Gates wants his new covid-19 vaccine to track and trace everyone and would like governments to make it mandatory. He has been planning this event for a long time.

So ask yourself what is going on with the whole Covid-19 drama? Why was the world put in extreme fear with exaggerations of what the virus is? Listen to the below podcast from Wize Traditions with Leslie Manookian, to get some understanding of the situation. More and more people are speaking out from all directions. Be open and don’t let your bias stop you from listening and knowing what is happening. Use your intuition to know what is true. Peace be with all and the light always wins at the end of the fight.

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The Ultimate Self-Realization

I was recently asked if the higher self also has a higher self? This is an excellent question and one which should be spotlighted more in spiritual teachings.

Yes absolutely! There will always be a higher self to our higher self, no matter the level of awareness we awaken to. This is because we are an infinite being. This is why we are each our own teacher and only we can show ourselves what the truth is. My spiritual path and practice are me, myself, and I. Only I can take myself into infinity by growing and evolving up into the chain of command of Self. This is the ultimate self-realization that has no end.

Your question is an excellent question and one which should be spotlighted more in spiritual teachings. Yes absolutely! There will always be a higher Self to our higher Self, no matter the level of awareness we awaken to because we are an infinite being.

This is why we are each our own best teacher, and only we can show our Self what the truth is. My spiritual path and practice are me, myself, and I. Only I can take myself into infinity by growing and evolving myself up into the chain of command to Self. This is the ultimate self-realization with no end. And only the Self can recognize other parts of Self in the rest of humanity and all that is.

Now that the dark agenda, of the global elites, has been exposed to the masses around wanting to control and vaccines as the only solution for the COVID-19 virus, it is time we all begin to find our new normal. We should keep in mind, now life is likened to being under constant psychic attacks by dark entities. It is up to each one of us to get the dark energy to back off from trying to hurt us, in whatever way we are called to participate. We should also carry on with life, staying light, and not be taken in with fear. We are in this together, all energies are light and somewhere within the spectrum of the cosmic light. This 3rd-dimensional drama is a test to determine which dimension our higher being will call home in the future after the shift.

I thank you all for your participation and in all the ways you shine your light in your daily lives. We truly are “in this together” and we will find the new normal together, and we will keep fighting the fight for truth and freedom together.

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We Have Been Lied To

Earth is a school and our soul and spirit-being incarnate into a body so that they can participate in the collective dream. There are four stages to awakening from the collective dream.

The first stage out of the dream is to awaken to realize you have been lied to. One of the biggest lies perpetrated right now is this pandemic. The light, however, is using the pandemic as an awakening force.  Many people are seeing they have been lied to about who created the virus and where it came from and why.

The Earth uses dark beings to grow beings into lighter beings. Like in the movies, These dark beings are always looking for ways to create havoc and harm others. However, they are also catalysts to awaken the masses.

there is a fight right now for our freedom, health, and truth in the collective dream. It is time for people to take back the power which the darker forces have taken away from us. There is proof now, behind this pandemic and the vaccines being offered for the solution. Much disease and unhappiness have been inflicted on mankind, all over the world by these dark beings.

I urge you to watch and listen below, to the interviews with the whistleblower, Judy Mikovits, who worked with Dr. Fauci and has proof of his ill intentions. Share this information with others, so mankind can break free. Do not get any vaccines for the virus, as tainted vaccines are at the root of the lie of this pandemic.

New! This is a shorter video interview (26 min) with new info:!/v/veritas11/QmYG5y53VFjjHP2t5ZqkH8xoYSMyHwbA1pSHyX3fFt6gw7

Thomas Paine Podcast link:!dd196   This is a long interview, but worth listening to. I gave out this link in my last post.

Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World – this video came out today on the Corrbett Report channel:

The light always wins and there is nothing to fear.

Peace and light,



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This Is Serious Information

The Light Always Wins

We are at the final hours of the old dream now, and ready to shift into a lighter, brighter dream. All the dirty-deeds and corruptions are coming to light and available for all to know. Thou, not everyone will believe and is ready to see the truth. Seeing the sinister plot happening in this dream, is the first stage of awakening.

About a week ago, I started digging into conspiracy information because the COVID-19 virus wasn’t making sense to me anymore, and I wanted to see what others were saying. I went down the rabbit hole, digging around, and I was led to some information that comes right from the horse’s mouth. This information is shocking!

A whistleblower on a podcast interview, reveals the darker sinister plot behind vaccines and COVID-19, HIV, CFS, and many other diseases the world has been dealing with. I never thought it was possible to know this information, but here it is. My mind is blown, and I now need to share the information with those who will listen. The world needs to know what has been going on.

The interview is long, but I urge you to take your time and listen to the whole thing. Mike, the interviewer, is a little long-winded in the beginning before the interview begins. This is one of the most earth-shattering things I have ever listened to. It all comes together in the final hour of the podcast. The scope of illness and hardship the world has had to endure because of these monsters is unreal… the mind can’t take it in.

Dr. Judy Mikovits, who is being interviewed, has the proof because she was there and is part of the story. Please listen and pass the information and link on. She also wrote a book, Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science, just out on Amazon.

Thomas Paine Podcast link:!dd196   This is a long interview…

This is a shorter video interview (26 min):!/v/veritas11/QmYG5y53VFjjHP2t5ZqkH8xoYSMyHwbA1pSHyX3fFt6gw7

The Light always wins because, in the Big Story, the Light is all there is. We are seeing the end of the plot now.

Peace and Light,


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Update From the Front

Hi everyone, how is your Covid-19 journey going? I have gotten into a lot of self-reflection, which is always interesting for me. Yesterday my higher self gave me some new information as to the timing of the completion of the old collective dream and into the new one. As I have stated before, it is the Earth that determines when the cycle is to end.  I have seen the decision change at the last minute many, many times over in the past years.

It does feel to me that the window for the end of the collective dream is close at hand thou. Yesterday, my higher self told me the old dream cycle will now continue into the Summer. The Earth wants to squeeze every last bit of teaching and healing she can out of the old dream, while the Earth deals with Covid-19. In the last few days, my higher self has also given me info on Covid-19. Today Dr. Eric Berg, whom I trust and I have mentioned him to you before, came out with a video with data that supports the information my higher self gave me.

If you are new to my writing and want to know more about what I am speaking about, I recommend going to my blog and reading previous articles. Enjoy the journey… now is truly are there is. Now is the time for us to let go of our attachments and to find our joy. It is a time to uphold the light, and the greater Knowledge we are infinite spirits, temporarily living in a dream reality.

Peace be with you all.

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The Collective Dream

This Earth is a school, just Like many other planets in the universe. The central teachings happen in a Collective Dream in the 3rd dimension. Every ten thousand years or so, the dream classroom changes, and we approach this happening right now.  We are witness to the shift of one civilization into another. Some of us have memories of prior classrooms, like Atlantis and Lemuria. Each of our souls and higher selves hold the dream for our being within this collective dream. Eighteen pyramids were used throughout the teaching field to support the collective dream. This will all get reset during the shift and the backdrop of the classroom will change to look much different from what we see today.  The new backdrop will be about 600 years into the future, and consciousness will be higher dimensionally, from what we currently know.

When the final shift stage goes into effect, all the dreamers will be taken out of the old classroom and will be placed into interdimensional shelters of safety. The shelters are currently waiting for us. They were shown to me in my dreams. At this present time, some shelters are being used for the beings crossing-over from the virus. When the final hour comes, these way-stations will allow the qualifying, higher dimensional dreamers, to continue in the collective dream, from the old classroom into the new class of the New Earth.

At the beginning of each new classroom cycle, there is an allotted few thousand years, that goes towards higher-dimensional learning. Sometimes these years have been referenced as the Golden Years or Golden Times for a civilization. After the initial period of this time, the evidence of such a period is covered-up, and the classroom is set up for the regular 3rd-dimensional lessons.

The beings who have completed all their Earth school lessons will exit the shelters to reunite with their greater soul/higher self and then graduate from Earth school. The beings whose energies are too dense and vibrationally low will also exit the shelters to reunite with their greater soul/higher self and will stay out of the classroom until it changes to accommodate their vibration and lessons.

The beings who continue on in the dream to the New Earth will be given new, lighter, vibrational bodies that are capable of living longer lives.  One of the topics of the beginning civilization will be “is this real?” Many of the beings will remember this old, prior dream. Many of the beings won’t be able to remember anything about this old dream. And many of the beings will sit on the fence about it and be undecided.

We can better understand our own part and how the collective dream works by paying attention to our own personal dreams. If we observe the nature of dreaming and ourselves in our dreams, we might start to understand a bit about the mechanics of the collective dream. The more our consciousness awakens out of the collective dream, the more we can understand how everything fits together.

We are living in scared times, participating in the shift of an old tired, classroom resetting itself, into the fresh and shiny New Earth. There is nothing to fear, as all is happening as it should, and you are right where you need to be.

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