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Time of Tribulations

Protests turned to riots. Antifa attacks Christian street preacher in Seattle, WA

In case you haven’t noticed, we are at war with the dark energies on the Earth. Our movie right now on the teaching field is this. This war needs to be seen by us and taken seriously. As spiritual people, we can’t hide behind that is 3-D reality, and I am focusing on 5-D. If this is our thinking or mindset, we are going to fail the test, which is taking place for all of humanity right now. All the dimensions that your consciousness has dominion of need integration. The Light is telling us to LOOK and SEE what is happening and then listen to what we must do next.

For the Light to win this battle, we need to stay light-hearted and pay attention and lift each other up. New like-minded groups are forming of people who SEE together and support each other. You might be surprised where your higher self pulls you. Trust your higher self.

The answer is to SEE and help others SEE, and this will raise our vibration. Elevating ourselves to become lighter, will stop the dark beings on the planet who are determined to control and kill off the rest of us. These beings will not stop until they achieve their goal of mass genocide.  If you don’t know what I am speaking of, look closer at the pandemic, 5-G, supported riots and the forced vaccines over the years. When Hitler was first taking control of Europe, it was very difficult for people to grasp what was taking place because it was so dark. We are in a similar situation.

In this Earth School, the Earth uses these dark beings as a teaching force, so yes there is a spiritual understanding for it all, but we still need to act and participate and do our part, and not get lost. Lightworkers are being called to stand up and SEE and listen to guidance for what is next. If we just sit back and watch, we will fail the test. This is the time of Tribulation.

We live in a collective dream. If we want the dream to change, we need to awaken the dreamer. You need to SEE what is going on in this dream clearly to awaken fully in all the dimensions available to you. Have courage. Don’t be afraid of what others think of you. Do your own research and find your own answers, and don’t expect to find Truth on mainstream media, and know why this is.

I am sorry if my message seems redundant. This is the energy of the times. Practice light-heartedness and kindness and love, and don’t be bullied… stand up. Love to you all.

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