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The Ultimate Battle

The time we are in is no-different than Nazi Germany when the Nazis began their campaign of taking over other countries and killing Jewish people. The dark energies in the collective dream, have waged a war on the rest of us, when they released the COVID-19 virus on the world. We (the whole world) are being asked to pick a side. Choosing our team is the final test of this collective dream. We need to be willing to see what is going on. If we are not ready to see and or pick a side, by default, we have decided to support the Globalists, Nazis, or the dark energy of the collective dream.

No matter how spiritual you are no-one is exempt. There is no middle of the road or watch from the sideline on this issue. We need to own our decision. All of this, is what I understand to be transpiring right now. Yes, this doesn’t mean you need to get involved by being on the frontline of the battle. It merely means you have to choose a team where you stand. Choosing a side and owning it is an involvement; after this, you might be guided as to what to do or not. You have a body, so you have to play in the game.

We all need to do our research on the matters at hand. Find out about the lies around COVID 19. Find out why 5-G is controversial and is difficult to stop. Why are some of us concerned about vaccines and 5-G together? Many of us have found when opening up to know more and researching,  our higher self guides us to the information they want us to know. It quickly becomes apparent what is going on. There are many levels of understanding around the dark and light of this collective dream to process. We need to stop listening to mainstream propaganda on the matter. Instead, we should listen to alternative voices and sources. And we need to listen to our intuition and guidance.

The dark can will be defeated if we stand together. Standing together is what will bring the needed shift in consciousness forward. The great awakening is upon us. We will ultimately bring ourselves into a new, higher dimensional, collective dream, but we need to stand up first. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance yourself. Let go of your politics and be guided by that which is beyond political agendas.

Take care, stay light-hearted, stand against bullying.

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