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Time and Reincarnation

I was recently asked “when a soul decides to be reincarnated here on earth can the next lifetime be in a earlier time, for example 20 BC or 1800 AD?” This is an excellent question and shows the person questioning is looking deeper into the notion of what is time and what is the soul?

What is the soul? The soul is that which is not made of matter. While time and matter are the same thing, the soul is something else for which there is no definition. The soul is nonexistent and the opposite of matter so it is timeless. In order to exist in manifestation (Time), we created the higher self or spirit body of matter, in which to travel in. Time like manifestation is a paradox; it exists and yet it doesn’t exist. As beings are also a paradox because the soul part of us is nonexistent but our bodies exist in time as part of the manifested universe.

All manifestation exists in a type of time or sequencing. There is order to the Universe and this Earth School. This Earth school is happening in time. Without the foundation of time/sequence, there would be nothing to keep our consciousness grounded. As a soul, we need to be tethered to matter (time) in order to have an existence on Earth or anywhere. Incarnating out of sequence would create chaos and be too disruptive for evolution in the higher dimensions.

The brain we have cannot understand nonexistent time or soul, because it needs to be grounded in order to be cognitive. We can experience soul/nonexistence while in the body, but we don’t have the ability to explain it or to understand it. We can only to Know it. Time is very dense and slow while incarnated in these 3-D bodies. Time in the higher dimensions is much lighter and more fluid for our spirit selves. Time or sequencing is a tool which was created by us the universe, so the soul could exist as a being and we could evolve our being on whatever planetary school we are in.

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