Multi-dimensional Mentoring

Offering support while on the path of ascension, one month at a time!

I am really excited about our multidimensional program.  If you feel guided to commit to our mentoring program, I recommend, after trying it out for a month, commit to 2-3 months, so you can build some momentum with your growth process.

MaRae works with all kinds of beings at all different levels. Sometimes in my dreams, I am allowed to be aware of the human and the higher self she is working with. It is wonderful for me, her human avatar or (3-D representative), to participate in this process also.

Who Is MaRae?

  • MaRae is Sheilan’s higher self.  Sheilan has consciously integrated with her during this lifetime.
  • She came to Earth on a mission with 8 other beings from her group-soul to help and serve at this Earth School. She and her group are from 2 Universes prior to our current universe. MaRae’s group-soul calls the Andromeda Sector their home at this time. Their mission to Earth was primarily to support other beings from their sector who have been schooling at this Earth School.


  • The subscription cost is $145 for each month and can be on-going for as long as desired. You control your own teaching.
  • At the beginning and every third subscription month, there will be an over the phone (or in person) 40-60 min visit/conversation with Sheilan. This is not required if you want to forgo the 3-D nature of mentoring or adapt it to something which fits you better. One can also pay extra to have more conversations with Sheilan/MaRae if desired and approved.
  • MaRae, will individualize every beings mentoring and have Sheilan email out topics to be pondered and what the interplay in your life multi-dimensionally life will be while working with your higher self. The length of time and change of the teaching topics will solely be determined by MaRae and your higher self.

To get started:

Email Sheilan and tell her a little about yourself (a few sentences) and why you would like to participate (a few more sentences). She will get back to you and let you know if MaRae approves of your participation in the mentoring program and then provide you with further instructions.


  • Participation in the program can begin at any time during the month, once you are approved and payment has been made. The month will be prorated for the days left in the month.
  • To stay enrolled and continue into the following month, payment of $145. needs to be made to Sheilan from PayPal before the 3rd of each new month. If desired, payment can be made for more than one month at a time.
  • Cancellations… After committing to the month, by making a payment, there is a 36-hour window in which to cancel and to be given a refund for the month.
  • Each person’s information and conversations will be held privately and will not be repeated or shared unless permission is given.

Legal Disclaimer:

By law, Sheilan is an ordained minister and therefore can legally mentor or counsel others. She makes no claims or guarantees towards what she offers to the public.

Sheilan has the right to discontinue someone’s participation in the mentoring program if she feels it is necessary. Financial compensation will be made if there are more than 20 days left to the subscription.

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