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In A Dark Night of the Soul?

I was recently asked if humanity is currently living through a dark night of its collective soul?

In a sense, yes, humanity is going through a type of dark night of the soul experience, but not because there is a collective soul. The reason is more basic. The Earth is a school for spirit or the higher self of a soul. The school exists in many dimensions. The third dimension is a training ground in which beings can incarnate to test what they have learned while in the higher dimensions. Every 10 thousand years or so, the Earth resets the training ground and starts over.

We are currently at the end of a training ground cycle and about to shift into a new training ground cycle. The Earth is using the end of this cycle to get the maximum use of lessons for growth out of the cycle. This is why the intensity of living is so extreme and chaotic. Not all beings who are on the Earth will qualify to enter into the beginning of the New Earth (new cycle) because the frequency at the beginning will be higher than the cycle’s current frequency. They will incarnate later in the cycle when the vibration of training ground accommodates their vibrations and lessons.

The training grounds are designed to seem real. This is why many think we have evolved in our society to where we are today. However, many beings on the planet accurately see that man will not be able to evolve beyond this point, but they don’t understand fully why this is. All seems hopeless to many who are somewhat awake, but not awake enough to understand this cycle is ending and a new cycle is about to begin. There are a handful of people who see the threads into the new cycle and understand what is going on and are sharing the information with others.

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Time and Reincarnation

I was recently asked “when a soul decides to be reincarnated here on earth can the next lifetime be in a earlier time, for example 20 BC or 1800 AD?” This is an excellent question and shows the person questioning is looking deeper into the notion of what is time and what is the soul?

What is the soul? The soul is that which is not made of matter. While time and matter are the same thing, the soul is something else for which there is no definition. The soul is nonexistent and the opposite of matter so it is timeless. In order to exist in manifestation (Time), we created the higher self or spirit body of matter, in which to travel in. Time like manifestation is a paradox; it exists and yet it doesn’t exist. As beings are also a paradox because the soul part of us is nonexistent but our bodies exist in time as part of the manifested universe.

All manifestation exists in a type of time or sequencing. There is order to the Universe and this Earth School. This Earth school is happening in time. Without the foundation of time/sequence, there would be nothing to keep our consciousness grounded. As a soul, we need to be tethered to matter (time) in order to have an existence on Earth or anywhere. Incarnating out of sequence would create chaos and be too disruptive for evolution in the higher dimensions.

The brain we have cannot understand nonexistent time or soul, because it needs to be grounded in order to be cognitive. We can experience soul/nonexistence while in the body, but we don’t have the ability to explain it or to understand it. We can only to Know it. Time is very dense and slow while incarnated in these 3-D bodies. Time in the higher dimensions is much lighter and more fluid for our spirit selves. Time or sequencing is a tool which was created by us the universe, so the soul could exist as a being and we could evolve our being on whatever planetary school we are in.

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Does Law of Attraction Really Work?

I was recently asked if meditation and Law of Attraction really work for manifesting?

The true purpose of meditation is to empty the mind of thoughts and desires of attachments so one can become free from the bondage of the material world. To use meditation and prayer to receive what we desire seems like an oxymoron. Yet, people follow The Law of Attraction and meditate for what they want because they are attached to their desires and being in control. They are attached to the false idea that they can control their lives when in reality this third-dimensional self has very little control. When others receive the things they are asking for it is only because it is their destiny to have such things. This doesn’t mean that they themselves manifested these things.

Finding out the reality of one’s own power or really lack of our power is indeed our true power because once we know we are powerless we are free. If we can surrender and embrace the idea we in the third dimension are a tool for our spirit-Self in the higher dimension, who is our true source of power, we have gained some enlightenment. And if we continue to surrender our desires and attachments, knowing our higher self has all the power, we will have a happier, peaceful life.

This choice is the power we have. We can go along with the flow of reality and become happy knowing our place in the cosmos, or we can fight against this reality and spend our lives in the illusion of thinking or seeking to have control and power of this life. Every being on their spiritual path must learn this for themselves. Having power and control is a deeply ingrained desire and attachment, which all must deal with. The level of corruption and greed people get into because of these attachments is astonishing. However, it is their lessons and their life… so go for it until you have had enough of this lesson!

Also realizing we are not the power of our being doesn’t mean we become doormats for others or we do nothing to make our life better. It means becoming more intuitive and becoming a true instrument for our higher self, so we know when, where and what is wanted for this life.

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The New Earth is Near

We are at the crossroads between the end of one dream cycle and the beginning of the next dream cycle on the teaching field of the earth school.  MaRae, my higher self, was already awakened and was residing in the highest dimensions before coming to earth, so her perspective is unique and supreme. I look forward to sharing some of what I have learned. Here is our new video, I hope it is useful on your journey.

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Reincarnated as a Cat or?

I recently answered someone’s question: “Everyone always says I was a cat in another life. What does this mean?”

It could be that your soul had a recent incarnation as a cat to have the experience or you could have an even deeper connection to the cat which other’s are picking up on. This is a vast universe and souls come from all over the universe to go to this Earth School. The Earth School is popular because it helps souls grow quicker than most schools because the lessons can be very extreme. There are many different souls/higher selves from different star systems here, which means there are many different races of beings who have incarnated into the physical third dimension to grow and learn. One of the races that participate in this Earth to school, is a Catlike race from afar star-system. They are a rare race here at the school, but they are here and do exist.

The more evolved a being is who has incarnated, the more likely they will show similar traits to who their higher self is, in the higher dimensions. Sometimes other races come specifically to the Earth School to work out the issues they have with other races and of course, this carries over to the lessons happening in the third dimension. I hope this gives you some insight into who you might be in the higher dimensions. Only we know the true answers for ourselves, as to who and what we are in the higher dimensions.

To discover more about who we are, it helps us to pay attention to our dreams, especially those which are more memorable and vivid. The dreams that stick with us after we wake up, are what some call Lucid Dreams. In these dreams, we are given the opportunity to view what our higher self is doing on the other side while we sleep. While we sleep our higher self is more active and while we are awake our higher self rests on the other side. Sometimes the higher self will purposely send us information or messages which will help us here in the Third Dimension.

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Why We Incarnate

I was recently asked: “If we are higher beings in a temporary incarnation, why is it necessary to incarnate to learn lessons instead of learning them in our higher form?”

All 13 of the dimensions of the earth are part of this earth school. We always have the opportunity to learn and grow. There are some beings in service to this school, as some of the angelics, who have very few incarnations. On the other side, part of the focus is to be of service to others in all the various ways and to help those who have incarnated with their lessons. In order to be really good at helping those who have incarnated, we need to incarnate, so that we have a better understanding of what it is like to be limited by our physicality and by time and to deal with such things as emotions and karma. In the higher dimensions, we also take classes and study various subjects, but at some point, we need to put all our higher dimensional learning to the test by incarnating into physicality.

So we incarnate to test ourselves… we need the denser, 3-D to grow because it is more intense and faster than just growing on the other side in the higher dimensions. The lessons available at this level are more varied, dramatic and extreme. We can explore and experience lessons in physicality which isn’t available in the higher dimensions. Because of the 3-D body’s emotions, we can feel everything more deeply. We can explore all kinds of themes and story lines. We can change our gender and make use of the karmic system, which isn’t available in the higher dimensions.

A handful of higher dimensional beings at the school, are from previous universes and are not required to incarnate into the 3-D unless they want to. They may choose to incarnate and play the role of a major teacher in one of the themes and then follow up and guide their teachings from the other side. The majority of the beings at this school are from this current universe and are required to incarnate to get a full rounded education in order to graduate and leave the school. There are other schools in the universe that are based in the higher dimensions and much less intense than earth.

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Our Soul Gives Us Our Thoughts

At the broadest perspective or understanding, the soul is the fire which animates these bodies and all things, so yes the soul generates all of our thoughts at various levels including thoughts from the brain’s ego, intellect, and mind chatter.

The soul also generates the thoughts and feelings which come from our emotions. The more elevated we become in our vibration, the more our thoughts will come directly from our soul/higher self in the higher dimensions of self.

When we align ourselves with our higher self and soul, we become a completely guided individual. If we pay attention we will be able to use our thoughts as part of the governing factor which guides us and gives us understanding.  Until the time we are aligned many of our thoughts come from our ego and it will be difficult to separate the two sources.

And as we travel on our spiritual path and we will be able to decipher the more subtle energies of the soul/higher self, and this will help lead us to a more direct connection with our soul / higher self. This connection is sublime. This is how I have precisely been able to push the boundaries of the higher dimensions at this earth school. This is how I directly hear and communicate with my higher self all throughout the day with all things matter great and small.

In the past, when I have pushed through higher dimensional realities, thoughts came to me like breadcrumbs leading me to new pathways of understanding. This stretched my knowledge/understanding beyond what was previously normal for me. Little by little the mind stretches to take in the new perceptions and understanding that came. This is also how we can go deep and directly connect to the energy of the Universal Soul of all things.

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