North Beach, Port Townsend,WAby Sheilan
North Beach, Port Townsend, Washington by Sheilan

…Most of us won’t realize everything has changed.

The Earth has been in the beginning process of a reboot or what is referred to as Earth changes for the last 200 years. This simply means a BIG change or shift is about to take place on the Earth and we humans are witnessing the cosmic event.  The changes began to be seen in the 1990s, as weather patterns and political and economic structures etc. began to alter their normal courses and began to become extreme.

Originally it was thought the event bringing a pole shift, (which will change the poles from north to south to east and west), would take place between the years 2000-2004. However, the event’s schedule was set back because the desired momentum light, needed for it to happen, was not there. Most of us are so deeply asleep in this dream reality we are complacent towards growth and change. This has slowed down and delayed the event moving forward.

The extension is to aide more souls to grow and get on board with the opportunity of transferring into the next dream cycle called New Earth. There have already been many reevaluations and adjustments to this time scheduled. There is not exact date and many possible windows for the even have come and gone, but many of us feel the event to be very near.

This event is a normal occurrence and part of the nature of this Earth school. Many of our souls have experienced the ending and beginnings of cycle changes before and chose to be here to participate now.  After it has happened, most of us won’t realize everything has changed.  It will just seem normal yet more peaceful… like a dream morphing into another dream seems normal.  Awakened beings, will have faded memories of the previous cycle… like the faded memory of a dream after waking up from sleep.

Undoubtedly, our soul’s lessons and growth are intertwined into what is happening now, so the intensity happening in our lives is a good thing for growth.  Accept and go with it is the attitude to have during such times.  If you resist and complain and fight against it you will suffer.

May peace be with you,


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