The Earth Dream

Timid Rays of Light by Sheilan
Timid Rays of Light by Sheilan

The Earth School Journey…

“For our higher self to gain the ultimate perception and understanding of who and what we are, the soul, is given a spirit body and journeys out of the One to go to planetary schools for experence.  These schools strengthen our awareness of Self to eventually evolve the soul’s higher self back into light and Oneness.” ~ Sheilan

If you want to see the divine Earth play more clearly… read on.  The purpose of these articles are to help us see the wholeness of what is going on.  The information hopefully will give a better understanding of the nature of the Earth dream or the divine play we exist in.

When I learned of the set-up of the divine play, it profoundly deepened my awareness.  I was aware already of other dream cycles, like Lemuria, I had lived in. In 1985 I had a vision of a dream cycle change while in deep mediation in Hawaii on a retreat but at the time, I didn’t fully comprehend the vision. In 2009, I was given another vision telling me the current dream cycle, for this Earth school, would be changing for everyone. I knew it was connected to a pole shift. I was then led to more information about the change. After processing all the information, my higher self came forth loud and clear and the dream quality became very apparent to me. Now I regularly commune with my higher self in regards to this Earth School dream and have been asked to share what I know with others.

We incarnate into this Earth school playground or dream and it seems like it is real. Then after we grow we become awakened and begin to see the illusion of it all. The things we humans use to explain our existence in this dream school are distorted because they are invested still in the dream being real. So to find the truth, we are required to be very discerning. All that is part of this dream will on give us partial truths and hide the deeper truth that we have incarnated into a dream as part of the Earth School.

The distorted truths we find are part of the dream and they are confusing because they are presented as whole truths when we come across them. But most are still the dream. The beings from the other side being channeled are generally only as awake as the person channeling them.  Most entities available to be channeled are not very enlightened.  We must go through a maze of partial truths before coming to know what is what. And only our higher self will be able to guide us through the confusing maze. When we go inside of Self, is when we are able to discern the truth. Our Self is the ultimate answer to the puzzle before us.

Question your own higher self if you have incarnated into a dream as part of the Earth school. Ask your self if this dream cycle might be coming to a close and a new dream cycle is coming. Ask your higher self for confirmation via a sign, a dream or however it comes to you.  Your perceptions will be changed forever when you know this answer to be yes.

Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream.  Merrily,  merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream!



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