Earth School

“There is nothing to fear about this time. It is a sacred time to embrace and celebrate what is happening and look forward to a future time of peace.”


We live in a dream reality.  The dream vibration on Earth is intentionally dense making this one of the hardest schools in the universe. Because of this, souls come from all over the universe to school and experience. All of us on Earth are here because our soul chose for us to be here right now, to evolve thru earth’s challenging curriculum. An earth sojourn can take, in approximate Earth time years, from four hundred thousand to three million years to complete.

We are living in extraordinary times because we are at the end of the old Cosmic Cycle and near the beginning of a new Cosmic Cycle.  Before moving into the new ream cycle a pole shift is required in order to allow the new vibration to come in.  Many souls have waited specifically for this time to be on Earth to participate during this potent time of change. There is nothing to fear about this time, rather it is a time to embrace and celebrate what is happening and look forward to a future time of peace.

The dream does not need to evolve in order to shift into a new dream or New Earth to take place. This dream can only evolve so far. We are all part of the change that is occurring now and because of this; many of us are having extreme experiences and lessons during this time. The economy, the weather and everything else have become very extreme and polarized. It is a time for economic and political structures to collapse. Soul’s higher selves have the opportunity to speed up their growth by being incarnated now.

What will happen at the beginning of the new cycle is still a little unknown other than the fact it will be a very peaceful time on Earth. Many beings are still working hard to get their being to qualify to be part of the beginning of the new cycle.  It requires a certain level of soul lightness. There will be numerous beings who will choose to wait out the new cycle for later dream cycles before they participate again.  The dark energies, which have been causing destruction and havoc on the Earth for thousands of years, will not be allowed in at the beginning of the new cycle. They will need to wait till after the period of peacetime is over before they can come back in. Every new cycle starts with a few thousand years of peace. After which, the darker energies are allowed back on Earth so the lessons and drama can continue between light and dark energies.

Each beings at the very beginning of their Earth sojourn picks a program.  All beings have some required lessons, just as in college, there are required classes and elective classes. Over the course of eons of lifetimes and Cosmic Cycles, the learning and growth happen until finally the being graduates from the Earth school and goes back to the higher dimensions and new planetary schools.  The end of a cycle allows for many to finish unfinished karma and lessons so they can graduate.

In order to get great schooling, which Earth is famous for, the earth must go thru pole shifts to change the dream. The change gives variety to the lessons available here on Earth.  The pole shifts are also necessary to rid the Earth of old dark stagnant energies that build up during a dream cycle. This provide new cycle a peaceful start.  Most beings will not realize when the dream changes.

May peace be with you,


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