Why Is This Happening?

Sun Going Down by Sheilan

Sun Going Down by Sheilan

Earth seems to be going to hell in a hand basket… why?

This article is about the times we currently live in and what is going on right now on the planet with our extreme weather, violence and everything else. It is taken from a conversation I had with an angel in the early 90’s. Spirit was answering to me why my path had been so difficult and challenging.

All the myths, the fairy tales and scriptures are written about man reaching this most powerful and precious place of complete surrender. This is the human destiny path. This is man reaching his highest place in evolution and taking his home among the stars. The story of the Goddess Inanna from Sumerian mythology shows us the way through the labyrinth. She cheated death and ascended, but before Inanna rose up, she went into the darkest place of the underworld. Little by little, she was stripped of everything, down to her very essence. The only thing left to her was her bones. When she emerged from the underworld in the spring, she was renewed. She was immortal. She had become pure spirit and light, life reborn. Inanna knew now she could never be destroyed because she was immortal light. It was not possible light can never be destroyed. Only those that do not yet realize they are light can be destroyed.

When you rise up from the darkness this world will turn around to serve you. It will turn to give you all that you need. Without spirit, you cannot do it. You cannot take care of yourself and you cannot find your way. It was never intended that you could take care of yourself. You were intended to live in the light. It was never intended that you would know what to do. Most of the world thinks it knows what to do, but what happens when the floods come and the world shakes? Do you know what man cries out? “I don’t know how to take care of myself.” Do you know what man cries out when there is violence in the world and war begins? “I don’t know how to take care of myself.”

Everyone is saying, “Why are these things happening?” They are happening to shake people out of their beliefs that they are in control and can take care of themselves. It is happening to wake people up who think they have everything figured out. This is what the shaking and shifting is all about. When people are devastated and have their homes and livelihoods destroyed they begin to ask really important questions, like who am I and why am I here?

 When the floods come and there is no food to eat and their homes smell of stench and they can no longer drink the water, people begin to surrender. People surrender when they realize they do not know what to do to take care of themselves. When they realize they feel helpless and unsafe in the world, they look to something greater than themselves to take care of them. This is what is happening to human consciousness.

You have come here to reflect the light. This is all the planet needs now. Beacons of light are needed to show those who are ready to surrender the way home through the darkness. You know the way through the darkness if you have walked through it and have surrendered. This surrender is not like anything else. All the philosophies, all the religions, all the new-age teachings fall away at this point. What you are left with is your essence, what you truly know.

Everyone wishing to ascend who is walking the higher path will have to go through the experience of acceptance and surrender. One way or the other, everyone during their soul’s lifetimes on earth will get striped down to their essence in this lifetime or another. Every being will have to undergo whatever it takes for them to surrender completely, it is just part of the path. It is part of the evolutionary process of the soul… it is self realization.

“ We came here just to know the TRUTH, We came here to live in you Creator, to live in your love and light. This is all we want and this is all that we need. Please, please help us to remember now. We reach out our hands. Help us now to live in our light and live in our truth, because this is all we want, nothing else will fulfill us and make us happy.”

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Surrender and be at peace,


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