Selfie!The path to self realization is called the Hero’s Journey because, for most people, myself included, it is fought with great challenges. 

There were times during my journey when I did not think I could make it through to completion. The karma and lessons I agreed to complete this life time seemed way too difficult. I knew quitting was not an option.  I persevered only because I had no other choice. I didn’t want to have to come back and do it all again in another life.  Then the life would be even harder and a longer wait before I could jump in the game again for these particular lessons.

My chosen lessons and karma have now been completed. This is my last lifetime. I currently live a relatively simple life, happy and peaceful. This doesn’t mean I have stopped growing or will ever stop growing as Self always grows. I do not need to be anyone or do anything particular. I have already fulfilled the lesson and played the role of spiritual teachers in previous lifetimes. I have done and become everything Self has wanted of me at this earth school.

I know Self both in form and out of form.  I know who my higher self is in the higher dimensions. Uncovering this knowledge of Self has helped me along the way to overcome the challenges. Listening and trusting the guidance from my higher self to navigate me through hardships rather than listening to fear and ego. When my health and worldly attachments were being stripped from me and I found myself in less then desirable circumstances, knowing Self in the higher dimensions kept me from thinking myself as only the lowly 3-D person others were projecting on me. Many people believe physical self has the power to create a fortunate or unfortunate life for ourselves through the power of thought. This notion might seem real and true, but it is part of the dream of the 3-D world.  This life was created for us to experience, so Higher Self can grow. Our lessons for this life are already decided for us.  We must look to our eternal Self to find our answers and salvation.

Positive thinking can help you to be a happier person, but it can not change one’s destiny. The ego has a deep desire to control and judges experiences and things as good/bad and positive/negative etc. Physical Self is merely the vehicle/actor in the play of this earth school. The play production and script was created by the soul and higher self. Self Realization happens when 3-D Self recognizes Self beyond the physical and surrenders ego over to the will soul/One and higher self.

I do not adhere to any particular teaching or theosophy… all are just tools along the way, including teachings of so called enlightened teachers. Years ago the Advaita teachings that Consciousness is all there is, helped to transform my perceptions.  In October of 2003, as I was practicing surrendering to the challenges of being stripped of my attachments, I was lifted into awakened bliss… everywhere I looked I saw only Self and nothing else.  I spent several days in this state of Oneness and bliss. It altered my perception of reality.  I realized separation is part of the dream. After this, I went through even more stripping and transformation. Because of my acceptance and surrender to the stripping process, I continued to awaken even more deeply. I came to understand this is my last lifetime in earth school and when the script  (see Earth School)  changes themes, I will leave here with 27 or so other energies  who came to this school on a mission.

The hero’s journey, as Joseph Campbell calls it, is a peeling and stripping away of the ego, to arrive at essence with little ego remaining. The desire to to become “someone” falls away. Years ago the teachers who inspired me most, were Joseph Campbell, Ramana Maharshi, Ramesh Balsekar, Wayne Liquorman.  I also have had many spirit friends and spirit who guides who assisted with my unfolding. Along the way, I have had many dreams and visions, which has also aided my understanding of Reality.  I have a spirit companion who communes with me daily and who will leave this earth realm with me.

Once the dream is clearly seen, desires and attachments fall away, one finds one’s self just being, for it seems there is really nowhere to go and nothing to do. The ego no longer sits in the seat of power.  Desires are gone. What seemed to matter previously has no weight and one is free.  And yet, one still must do what needs to be done in the world of the mundane like… chopping wood and carrying water.  Thou awakened,we are still in human form, with human needs like everyone else.  We have a life to live here until we don’t.

I have no goal with my teaching other than to be of service. The need to express myself has left. and why i don’t post many new articles. I am not here to prove anything, to become famous or popular, nor do I feel the need to save others. The earth and its people do not need saving.  I perceive all is happening, as it should.  I see the theme of this earth school is about to change, because that is what it does every 10 thousand years or so and we are in the very last days of the script/theme for this dream/illusion. If you have found this blog/website and find my words useful or inspiring… wonderful. If you do not relate to my words, I hope you find what you are looking for somewhere else.

Peace and blessings to you on your journey,

~ Sheilan 2016

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  1. Lovely site. My wife Natasha and I run a small grass roots publishing business “Tandava Press” We would welcome a submission from you. Especially a book of poems, sayings and your art works.


    David Rivers

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