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A Positive Understanding

Recently someone asked me, “is positive thinking an essential aspect of spiritual enlightenment?” Find my response below to their question.

Yes, absolutely choosing to stay positive is where our human power is or what our free will is. Keeping a positive attitude and a broader perspective on everything, particularly as things are falling apart, is what is going to keep us from losing hope as our ego becomes stripped of all attachments. And deep positivity will help us from being depressed when we witness suffering all around us.

Fake it till you make it! We can fake feeling positive until we are able to make the positivity real. This will help us stay afloat until we are able to reach true acceptance for why things are happening as they are. Our inner peace is to be found within realizing why there is a natural positivity to true reality.”

It is essential in the process of being positive for us not to make up or project false stories about what is and what will happen next for us to stay positive. Making up false stories can be very damaging when actual reality doesn’t turn out like we thought it would.

We need to learn to let our deeper understanding of reality and our relationship with our higher self be the reason we are positive when a situation looks bleak. Knowing the Earth is a school, and we incarnated to be a human at the school, in order for our higher self to grow from human lessons, is going to help us stay positive because we will accept the experiences our lessons bring. Knowing this is true for all beings, will help us to see the broader perspective and be positive about our life and world.

What is happening now to the climate of our planet, and politically, is the experience needed for lessons to take place. The Earth is on track with these lessons, which were demanded to be learned. It is all as it must be.  Have a heart and be strong with your positivity, my friend for yourself and others.

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