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Lost Connection to Self

I recently answered someone’s question: “What are the signs that show that you lost the connection to your true self?”

When we feel cut off from our higher self or our soul/spirit self, we might become depressed, worried, or uninspired in our lives. Our lives might no longer make sense to us. The joy we once had will be overshadowed with doubts of unsureness of who we are and what we are doing. For whatever reason, this is a cycle that sometimes happens to us. It tests our degrees of faith and makes us go deeper into our being to find the most subtleness of connections to our higher self.

Usually, the seeming, lost connection is beyond our control, and it is not something we did wrong or can bring back on our own. For some, this might be a dark night of the soul period, or it might be a time where our connection just seems hidden from us. When it happens, it feels like we have lost our ability to get the guided answers we are used to relying on. Or, we might feel our intuition is not working for us anymore.

It can be a time of confusion and a time of not trusting our own self for our answers. We might also feel we have been abandoned, and it might bring up abandonment issues for us to heal. We might have fears that this is how our life will be from now on. However, the cycle usually changes, and at some point, we regain our access to our internal connection again and our higher understanding.

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