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Visuals I Have Used on My Path?

I was recently asked what visuals I like to use while on my spiritual journey, i.e. lakes, mountains, light, etc.?

This is a great question for me as visuals have always been integrated into my spiritual journey. Nature is of course inspiring, but being an artist and remembering the higher dimensions and many past lives from the East like India and China, I have preferred the use of more personal man-made visuals like mandalas and Buddhist artwork. I never tied the images to the religion they are intended, but saw them as universal symbols of the spiritual journey.

When I first started to awaken forty plus years ago, I was drawn to create what seemed like an abstract higher dimensional image. The image was a type of Middle Eastern Mandala, which held a higher vibration, which I could tune into. Creating this image was an awakening in itself as I had little understanding of spiritual art at that time.

Shortly after this time, I started to tap into my own innate understanding of sacred geometry. I was fascinated with all the different shapes of crystal minerals and I was desirous of designing and making little temples and was told this is something my higher self did at one time in the higher dimensions while in another planetary system.

After this time, thirty such years ago, I became aware of the male-dominated society in which we live and in which the Divine Feminine is shunned. Being female, I gravitated towards Goddess images, which represented all aspects of the Divine Feminine and also my feminine higher self whom I was working to get in touch with at this time.

After this period, twenty plus years ago, as my third eye was starting to open, everywhere I looked I saw the Divine Matrix of creation and everywhere I saw mandalas woven into materiality. I remembered my experience with creating my first sacred piece of art and so I began to paint a small series of similar images. After this period, as my enlightenment started to unfold, I gravitated towards the visuals of little statues of Buddha.

These days, art and images aren’t needed or hold the same importance on my journey. The old art doesn’t speak to me the way it used to. I have kept a small Buddha and Green Tara around, and I enjoy them also as part of my memories, along with a few other Asian antiques. I will always use sacred geometry to create my living spaces as it is who I am and it supports my energy while I am in the third dimension.

Sometimes I create digital mandalas and mirrored images for fun from my photos. They look like openings into other dimensions. This is like keeping alive an old discarded secret language. But really, there are no visuals needed to be part of my path as they once were. My understanding of this is, there are no longer images or symbols, which represent the higher dimensions my consciousness is striving to reach at this time. This is indeed something to ponder. We never stop growing!

What visuals we us is an interesting self reflective thing to ponder… What visuals have you used on your journey and why?

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