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Does Law of Attraction Really Work?

I was recently asked if meditation and Law of Attraction really work for manifesting?

The true purpose of meditation is to empty the mind of thoughts and desires of attachments so one can become free from the bondage of the material world. To use meditation and prayer to receive what we desire seems like an oxymoron. Yet, people follow The Law of Attraction and meditate for what they want because they are attached to their desires and being in control. They are attached to the false idea that they can control their lives when in reality this third-dimensional self has very little control. When others receive the things they are asking for it is only because it is their destiny to have such things. This doesn’t mean that they themselves manifested these things.

Finding out the reality of one’s own power or really lack of our power is indeed our true power because once we know we are powerless we are free. If we can surrender and embrace the idea we in the third dimension are a tool for our spirit-Self in the higher dimension, we have gained some enlightenment. And if we continue to surrender our desires and attachments, knowing our higher self has all the power, we will have a happier, peaceful life.

This choice is the power we have. We can go along with the flow of reality and become happy knowing our place in the cosmos, or we can fight against this reality and spend our lives in the illusion of thinking or seeking to have control and power of this life. Every being on their spiritual path must learn this for themselves. Having power and control is a deeply ingrained desire and attachment, which all must deal with. The level of corruption and greed people get into because of these attachments is astonishing. However, it is their lessons and their life… so go for it until you have had enough of this lesson!

Also realizing we are not the power of our being doesn’t mean we become doormats for others or we do nothing to make our life better. It means becoming more intuitive and becoming a true instrument for our higher self, so we know when, where and what is wanted for this life.

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