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Reincarnated as a Cat or?

I recently answered someone’s question: “Everyone always says I was a cat in another life. What does this mean?”

It could be that your soul had a recent incarnation as a cat to have the experience or you could have an even deeper connection to the cat which other’s are picking up on. This is a vast universe and souls come from all over the universe to go to this Earth School. The Earth School is popular because it helps souls grow quicker than most schools because the lessons can be very extreme. There are many different souls/higher selves from different star systems here, which means there are many different races of beings who have incarnated into the physical third dimension to grow and learn. One of the races that participate in this Earth to school, is a Catlike race from afar star-system. They are a rare race here at the school, but they are here and do exist.

The more evolved a being is who has incarnated, the more likely they will show similar traits to who their higher self is, in the higher dimensions. Sometimes other races come specifically to the Earth School to work out the issues they have with other races and of course, this carries over to the lessons happening in the third dimension. I hope this gives you some insight into who you might be in the higher dimensions. Only we know the true answers for ourselves, as to who and what we are in the higher dimensions.

To discover more about who we are, it helps us to pay attention to our dreams, especially those which are more memorable and vivid. The dreams that stick with us after we wake up, are what some call Lucid Dreams. In these dreams, we are given the opportunity to view what our higher self is doing on the other side while we sleep. While we sleep our higher self is more active and while we are awake our higher self rests on the other side. Sometimes the higher self will purposely send us information or messages which will help us here in the Third Dimension.

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