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Our Soul Gives Us Our Thoughts

At the broadest perspective or understanding, the soul is the fire which animates these bodies and all things, so yes the soul generates all of our thoughts at various levels including thoughts from the brain’s ego, intellect, and mind chatter.

The soul also generates the thoughts and feelings which come from our emotions. The more elevated we become in our vibration, the more our thoughts will come directly from our soul/higher self in the higher dimensions of self.

When we align ourselves with our higher self and soul, we become a completely guided individual. If we pay attention we will be able to use our thoughts as part of the governing factor which guides us and gives us understanding.  Until the time we are aligned many of our thoughts come from our ego and it will be difficult to separate the two sources.

And as we travel on our spiritual path and we will be able to decipher the more subtle energies of the soul/higher self, and this will help lead us to a more direct connection with our soul / higher self. This connection is sublime. This is how I have precisely been able to push the boundaries of the higher dimensions at this earth school. This is how I directly hear and communicate with my higher self all throughout the day with all things matter great and small.

In the past, when I have pushed through higher dimensional realities, thoughts came to me like breadcrumbs leading me to new pathways of understanding. This stretched my knowledge/understanding beyond what was previously normal for me. Little by little the mind stretches to take in the new perceptions and understanding that came. This is also how we can go deep and directly connect to the energy of the Universal Soul of all things.

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