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Awakening in Busy Lifestyle?

I was recently asked if someone can reach enlightenment/awakening while living a busy lifestyle, inside society?

Answer: It is rare, but it could happen if this were a beings path and the human had a much older soul. In this situation, perhaps their soul//higher self had done the preparations for their awakening/enlightenment for this lifetime while in previous incarnations.

The reason it is rare is that usually, individuals need a lot of time to contemplate, to think about their lives and realize “who am I and what am I and what is this earth reality about?”  They also need alone time to heal old wounds from previous lifetimes and from this life, and they need to balance karmic debts.

In previous incarnations they would have needed to build a healthy ego for their being, so that when their ego becomes diminished as a human they are able to bounce-back. Or perhaps it is the path of the human to come into this life with a diminished ego. They must also be close to finishing-up with their earth school lessons that their soul chose for them to learn.

And again I will say there are infinite levels to enlightenment or awakenings, and what is awakened or enlightened to one is not to another. Enlightenment is an ongoing journey, which never ends, so it is all relative. It is sort of like beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

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