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Lessons Planned For Us Before Birth

I was recently asked questions about what life plans might be made for us before we are born.

This earth school consists of many levels of learning for the young souls to older more advanced souls so what might be planed before a lifetime is entirely individual for each soul. The general curriculum set up is similar to the third dimension school set up, where basics courses and topics are mandatory for all students in the lower classes, but in the upper classes one gets to chose what they want to learn based on their individual interests of growth. Our karmic lessons are woven into our studies throughout all of our schooling.

Various courses are required of us to fulfill before we can graduate. These course requirements allow us to develop our knowledge beyond the subjects that interest us. The earth school experience is known to be one of the toughest experiences in the universe. The courses for beings here are raw and extreme.

Some of the basics to learn here are learning to be gender fluid by being able to live as a male in one lifetime and the next lifetime as a female without gender confusion. Exploring each gender gives us an appreciation of the polar opposite of us as well as a deeper understanding about relationships.

Learning to deal with and balance the full human scale of emotions is another primary lesson we all need to learn. Also. a major study that this school is popular for is its teachings on racism and addictions.

When one takes on a lesson it usually takes place over many lifetimes, and we experience the lesson from both sides like being rich and being poor, being a leader and being a follower, being healthy and being sick etc.

If you look out at humanity you will see the vastness of lessons and experiences available for souls to have before we are advanced enough to be able to graduate from this school and to leave and enter another school somewhere in the universe.

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