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What Unconscious Means Spiritually

Unconsciousness means a being is asleep or unaware of who and what they are beyond their limited consciousness of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. It means the spirit being or higher self of a human has yet to either evolve into the higher dimensions or the human part of themselves has yet to awaken to the dimensions of who they are on the other side.

And an unconscious being does not yet have the understanding of what existence is. Someone who is unconscious usually believes or identifies with who they are as an ego rather than who they are as a spirit being in the higher dimensions. Instead of being guided by their intuition from their higher self they are pulled around by their egos. Just like there are degrees to being enlightened there are degrees of being unconscious. Both reflect the spectrum of light all beings exist in but are at opposite ends.

Earth is a school designed to bring more awareness to the unconscious parts of our being. When our consciousness is awake, we are aware we exist in dimensions beyond the physical body. We understand we are one energy, connected by our souls and everything we see is part of this same energy. We understand this life is but a dream and there are infinite more lives to be lived by us on this planet and other planets and we know the journey of becoming conscious is a never-ending journey through the cosmos.

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