Stop The World I Want to Get Off

Merry Go Round by Sheilan

Merry Go Round by Sheilan

Stop the world I want to get off…

As seekers we transcends the desire to continue seeking when the dream and trance is seen.  When awakened from the dream our desires and goals are shattered because we were chasing a dream within the dream.  Awakened seeing brings us a sweet stillness and a contented joy to the moment.  Seeing the illusion is the secret to inner peace.  The seer also becomes part of the secret and goes unnoticed in the world.  The seer is still and quiet, while everything else is busy going up and down and round and round.

I remember being a child in the sixties and hearing of the Broadway musical Stop The World I Want To Get Off.  Thou small, I was profoundly moved by this title.  It shouted volumes to me of what it was to be an adult living in the world.  It reminded me of being a hamster in a cage, on a wheel going round and round.   I am grateful I can see and know the dream and have stepped off the wheel.  The world keeps spinning and weaving the story.  It seems to be getting more and more bizarre each day.  Gun ownership seems to be taking us into a Wild West reality.  “If you don’t have a gun for protection then you will not be safe.”  What a dark times we are living in.  The ride can be a nightmare for sensitives.  The innocent joy fades fast when we are forced to conform as adults and face the harsh worldly lessons before us.

Unless you are completely ready and done with drama, getting off the ride can be boring and you will find yourself getting back on until your lessons are complete.  For some, drama makes them feel alive and they are not ready to give it up.  Deep peace and stillness is preferred to drama by the beings who have stepped off the ride.  These beings are not “blissed out”, living in Nirvana or paradise, but they are at peace.  All conflict in their lives are not entirely at an end.  This is not how it works.  The illusionary dream is still all around them, so they interact in the illusion to some degree, while they continue to be on earth.  While here, even thou their assigned lessons are over, they continue to learn because this is what a being of light does.  The learning never ends.   The difference for them interacting in the illusion is they see the dream and therefore are not attached to the dream nor do they desire to be fulfilled by it in anyway shape or form for they know it is not real.

Inner peace originates from their soul and higher self.  There is nothing here the ego can take credit for.  When the soul chooses peace and light and all the lessons are completed, the earth story is over… no more drama for lessons.  Thou it might seem there is no longer a reason to be here, a being might continue to stay and serve others before the soul chooses to return to the higher dimensions.  And then it will be time for the soul to begin a new chapter in another time and place far, far away from earth.

Stop the world… the story is finished!  Lets enjoy the ride while it lasts…

Sheilan 2013


Copyright ©  2012-2013 All Rights Reserved Sheilan/Infinite Living Teachings


7 responses to “Stop The World I Want to Get Off

    • Dan, what if you are not really done because you still have lessons, but only want to be done because you are not enjoying it?

      We must keep going and face our lessons even when we don’t want to. This is one of our lessons. I understand all to well what you are feeling. This is a world filled with dark madness and we can get worn down by it. However, if we are on a spiritual path, which I assume you are… we are here until the soul decides it is time for us go and it is not up to us in the body to decide. We owe it to ourselves to find inner peace with being here.

      To do this we must deeply accept and surrender to the challenges that have been given us in order to find our way to peace. I know this is possible and it works for I have done it. We must accept that we are here for a reason and trust and be willing to face the lessons. Pray and ask for help. Meditate and walk in nature to shift from negative thinking. Practice thinking positive thoughts and don’t allow yourself to be pulled down. After doing all of this life can get better.

      in light,

      • How can I convince my soul to let me go already? This life is only an illusion for our soul’s growth right, well why can’t we go up to the soul level and end life there, so we don’t have to worry about coming back or facing lessons at all?

        • Dan,
          When our soul and higher self comes to this realm for school, we are not released from this realm until we graduate from all the lessons we signed up for. So eventually we all have to face the same lessons we are faced with now in order to be able to stop reincarnating. Sometimes soul /higher self and our guides can go before a committee and have our lessons reduced if we have taken on too heavy of a curriculum.

          When we learn that this life is indeed an illusion and a school (not just intellectually) , than the journey gets lighter and we embrace the school aspect or our lessons. If you want to know more about the school aspect and to realize the illusion at a deeper level I recommend reading all my Earth School pages above.

          Knowing how this earth journey works really helped with my own suffering and helped me to roll up my sleeves and just do the work, so I could be free.

          sending you light!

          • I don’t care about this Earth School stuff. I want my soul to drop out, and then go somewhere to stop existing. I don’t care anymore about growing or learning, I just want it all to be done. Why is that not an option? Especially if we are supposed to have “free will”

            • Who said we have free will? I never did or at least not the free will most people think of as free will. The idea we have free will is part of the illusion. At a certain stage, when we advance on our paths we surrender the notion of free will. Part of self realization is realizing we have no power.

              As long as you resist your life, you will be miserable. And you will keep resisting until you are tired of resisting and being miserable… apparently you are not tired of resisting yet. Can’t escape Self!

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