The Divine Play

Staged Reality by Sheilan

Bed of Grass by Sheilan

. . . . The Divine Play . . . .

This is a planetary school. Perceiving the dream and divine play and realizing our Oneness may be the final teachings of this school.  When we see the divine play clearly, our schooling here is complete. There is no reason to be here except perhaps to serve and help others also to see the play clearly. Earth’s divine play is about to change into something more enlightened and peaceful.  We do not need to evolve the whole planet into peace and harmony to have this. It would be an impossible task in the state we are currently in. Changing the storyline of the play is a natural event for this school and happens annually every so many thousands of years. The previous storyline was Atlantis. Your role and the story of your life is part of the divine play and you are part of the divine change we are now going through.

People measure the stage of the play to figure out what they think reality and the history of the earth is.  It feels real and looks real, but it is not real! How could their assessments be accurate if their measurements are based on faulty presumptions?  There is a type of evolution happening here, but not the obvious evolution we are led to believe.  Evolution is happening only at the level of our soul’s higher self.  What we see here is what was planned as part of the fabricated story to make this earth school complicated and interesting.  We can’t trust what we see to be how it really is.

Our galaxy and solar system and all we see, of the universe from earth, is part of the play… a stage created to be believable. By going inside ourselves is the only way we will be able to know the Truth and to be able to understand the different levels of Self. Outside of inner us, is only props and mirrors to support the schooling happening here. This is one of the hardest schools in the true universe because the dream reality seems very real.  It requires tremendous light to break through the dense darkness here. Each lifetime we have lived here is a role our soul chose for us to play and is just one of the many roles we have played in this divine play.

Happy 2013


Note: If you are interested in learning about the dream and divine play, see my articles in the Earth School pages above.

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