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 “I would define a ‘true sage’ conceptually as a human organism in which the sense of separation as the author of their actions is gone. It is a human being for whom the belief – and it is a false belief – that they are the centers of the universe, the authors of their thoughts and their feelings and their actions – that belief is absent in a True Sage. And this is not a belief on the part of the human organism that they are not the authors of their action, it is the absence of the belief that they are. So it is not the presence of the belief that they are not, but the absence of the belief that they are. There are a lot of people running around with the belief that they are not the authors of their action and that belief is simply another belief.”

~Wayne Liquorman


For enlightenment to happen the perceiver must turn right around and wake up to the fact that he is face to face with his own nature – that HE IS IT. The spiritual seeker ultimately finds that he was already at the destination, that he himself IS what he had been seeking and he was in fact already home.
~Ramesh Balsekar ‘A Net of Jewels’



…”The perception here is that there are two distinctly different kinds of communication about the nature of enlightenment. One is personal and the other is impersonal. The first offers the seeking “person” help and direction to find something called enlightenment. The second offers the “person” nothing. The first comes in many forms and has a wide following because it seems to respond to the “person’s” needs. The second is unfamiliar and energetically confronting.”
~Tony Parsons



…”The world is not an inherently dangerous place but it IS inherently changeable. Which is to say that security is fleeting. Security is the illusion that the comfort I have now won’t change. I am secure in my job means I won’t be fired. I am secure in my relationship means it is going to last forever. A deep part of us knows that such feelings are built on an insubstantial foundation. Our projections of the future are fantasies. We have been wrong before and we will likely be wrong again. Of course, we have been right a few times too…so there is always hope!”
~Wayne Liquorman


“…Willpower should be understood to be the strength of the mind, which makes it capable of meeting success or failure with equanimity.  It is not synonymous with certain success.  Why should one’s attempts always be attended by success?  Success breeds arrogance and man’s spiritual progress is thus arrested.  Failure, on the other hand, is beneficial, inasmuch as it opens his eyes to his limitations and prepares him to surrender himself.  Self surrender is synonymous with eternal happiness.”
 ~Ramana Maharshi


“… The Self never undergoes change; the intellect never possesses consciousness.  But when one sees all this world, he is deluded into thinking, “ I am the seer, I am the knower.”  Mistaking one’s Self for the individual entity, one is overcome with fear.  If one knows oneself not as the individual but as the supreme Self, one becomes free from fear.

“The entire universe is truly the Self.  There exists nothing at all other than the Self.  The enlightened person sees everything in the world as his own Self, just as one views earthenware jars and pots as nothing but clay.”


“When we talk about settling the world’s problems, we’re barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”
~Joseph Campbell


“When you say, “I am happy”, you are not happy, because in this moment you have created a state of happiness. When you are actually happy, you don’t think of saying “I am happy”, because in that moment of happiness there is not a knower of the happiness, and you are in your glory, your wholeness, your globality.”
~Jean Klein ‘Open to the Unknown’


“It is less what one is that should matter, than what one is not. To acquire knowledge should not be our first aim, but rather to rid ourselves of ignorance – which is false knowledge. The qualities we possess should never be a matter for satisfaction, but the qualities we have discarded. ”
 ~Wei Wu Wei ‘Fingers Pointing Towards The Moon’


“We are One not two.  We are that which is dreaming the dream and that which is the dream. We are whole together and not to be separated; for neither Is To Be without the other.  When we know this divine marriage of Oneness the dreamer has awakened to Self!

Knowing all that we are can be an awakening at a new level.  When Higher Self awakens to itself it becomes eternal.  The material and immaterial become One i.e. the internal with the external or inside with the outside.  All are One and the same and all are eternally infinite.  This then is Infinite Living!”

~Sheilan @ Infinite Living Teachings


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