Soul’s Passage Into Birth

Heart Song by Sheilan

Abortion rights have been at the forefront of our politics for a long time. One side says it is murder to abort a fetus and there needs to be rights for the unborn child. The other side says it should be a women’s and her doctor’s right to choose and are fighting for women’s rights and choices. Let me briefly share what I know in regards to the soul’s journey into birth and my perspective on abortions.

Before each lifetime on earth, there is a meeting with our Soul/Higher Self and two to four spirit guides to design our next life.  Together a program is created for who we will be and what our life will be in order to learn all the lessons the soul seeks to learn during this lifetime. Each one of us chooses the family we will be born into and the other souls who will be participating in our life.

The soul usually enters the baby’s body inside of the mother about three to five days before it is born.  This begins the mother’s preparation for birth.  Before this time the soul hovers near the mother and family and attunes with them. For some beings, coming into this world can be a very challenging ordeal. Our souls often feel very limited by the small size of these human bodies. Can you imagine what an ordeal it would be if the soul were confined inside the little body inside the mother’s womb for all of the nine months?  If this were the case, I think our psyche would suffer greatly from this experience.  I feel claustrophobic just thinking about it.

I am blessed to be able to receive information regularly from spirit and have studied the journey of the soul for a long time now.  Because of this, I understand that when a thirteen-week fetus is aborted, there is no soul present and should not be considered murder. The fetus is an extension of the mother’s body until which time the soul takes possession of its little baby body shortly before it is born.  When we logically think about pregnancy it makes a lot of sense that this is how and when the soul enters the baby’s body.

After a baby is born it spends a lot of time in the sleep mode, so the soul can continue to adjust to its new body, and new life. The soul is given a window of time to make the adjustment. Sometimes the soul decides it does not want to stay in the life and or perhaps may not be quite ready for the lessons to be learned and so it returns back to the other side.  If this happens before birth it can be a miscarriage or a stillborn.   If it occurs after birth it is known as SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

When we better understand the soul’s journey it will help us to understand the issues around abortion.  (See comments below for further conversation on the topic).

Sheilan 2012

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16 responses to “Soul’s Passage Into Birth

  1. Thanks Sheilan. What are your thoughts on the couples who are trying to conceive but are not successful. What causes infertility ? how to overcome and get the healthy n happy baby?

    • Dear RK,

      In answer to your question… from my perspective, whatever we are going thru or experiencing in our lives are the personal lessons our own soul and higher self designed for each of us. The whys of infertility and the answer to solving it or not solving it is part of each persons uniquely, rich, unfolding journey. If you understand this and remember earth is a school, it can help with the obstacles in life. Ask for help from your higher self and spirit guides and listen to your inner guidance and know in this life there are no guarantees…only one’s destiny.

      I hope this somewhat answers your question RK. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

      I send you light and love on your journey,


  2. Thanks Sheilan. Since 4 years we are going through trying to concieve phase. I detected unexplained infertility that means doctors tried to find out the so called fault but all our reports are normal. We have done 5 failed IUI. Now the only way foreword is IVF. I would like to ask you does the soul we would like to be our child has to do anything in creating such situation in our life? What would we suppose to do to get positive result? I feel that your guidance and suggestion would be helpful.

    • RK,

      Again, with life there are no guarantees to getting the results we want… it is more about the experience each being needs to learn lessons. Sometimes the greatest growth for a being is from not getting what we want or the struggle it takes to get there. From my perspective, you can trust that if it is your destiny to have a child you will have one eventually, one way or the other, but how it comes about is also part of the journey of the lesson.

      Are you asking if the child’s soul/higher self is creating obstacles? I would say no. These are not the child’s soul/higher self’s lessons, but yours. The child’s soul/higher self’s lessons or participation begins when it enters the body and then your lessons become intertwined.

      Two things come to mind to share right now and that is to relax more about the issue, so it might happen and or consider that you might be being guided to adopt or go through another method to get a child. You need to go inside yourself and search for these answers… this is your journey.

      The biggest lesson for all of us is to be ok with what is.

      RK, again I hope this answers your questions.

      Love and light,

  3. Thanks a ton Sheilan. You have cleared my doubts. I would appreciate if you throw more light on ” You need to go inside yourself and search for these answers…”

    I mean I have never done this before…..

    • RK,
      Many of us go inside ourselves naturally and search for answers, but don’t realize this is what we are doing. Meditation, prayer and quiet contemplation are the means thru which we can go inside and understand our inner guidance from our soul and higher self or spirit guides. It is about quieting our mind, so the other side of the veil can reach us. We can receive guidance and ask questions, but we must be patient and quiet to hear and or know the answers as sometimes it is not automatic. The messages, answers can come back to us in all kinds of ways, so we must pay attention. Sometimes messages are given to us in our dreams. Going inside our Self is what inner peace is all about.

      I hope this helps.

      Blessings and light to you,

  4. Many thanks Sheilan. I will definitely try it. It feels nice interacting with you. Your articles are very interesting and helpful in understanding some concepts in spirituality. Thanks again for the guidance. I will be in touch with you.

    With Love

  5. Hello Sheilan,

    How r u? I am still in the process of IVF. But now I feel more calmness and patience. From last 2 to 3 months I am seeing daily and repeatedly the double digits like 11:11, 2:02, 5151, 7777, 9:09, 7:07, etc. I searched on internet about this, but did not understand clearly. Can you please throw some light on this?

    With Love

  6. Hi RK,
    I am sorry I don’t have much experience and knowledge with the double digits thing other than sometimes when it has happened to me if feels like my Higher Self or Angel guide winking at me. Years ago many people talked about them in terms of entering cosmic gates etc. and channeled much information about it. But this information never rang true for me.

    If you want to know what it is for you, I would say sit in meditation and ask your higher self and write in a journal about it. I think the double digits are personal messages…. perhaps just the universe saying “hi”? ^_^

    Happy to hear you are more calm and patient about your IVF…. many blessings in that direction.

    I am well…. just ridding the waves of the great transition we are all in.

    love and peace to you,

    • Dear Sheilan,

      Last week I joined first time in my life a meditation class. I am doing some breathing exercises and dhyana. What I experienced that at the end of breathing exercises I sense strong flow of energy on my palms, I can’t recognise whether it is entering or exiting from my palm. All I want at that time, a forceful urge to be with that energy only. I would appreciate and love to know your thoughts and guidance about this experience.

      Also once I saw during dhyana, wonderful sparkling light like diamond which was thoughtlessly communicating with me.

      I am new to this experience. Can you please throw some light on this?

      Thanks for reading.

      With Love

      • Dearest RK,

        It is always fun to experience something new and wonderful. Good for you! You would know best what is going on for you, but my first thought upon reading your communication was you were having an experience of Self…. Your higher self is communicating with you and welcoming you to know yourself at a deeper level.

        Many do not realize, but the self is made up of 3 parts: Our 3-D physical self, our higher self and our soul self. Higher self is who we are when we are not in this dimension and is the bridge to our soul. The soul is what makes us the same as everything else and gives us our life force. In my writings here on Word Press, I have talked a little more about this if you want to read more.

        I am here if you have any more questions and I am pleased for you that you have some new exploring to do…. Enjoy! And be well RK.

        In love and light,

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