Fragments Of Understanding

Koi by Sheilan

Koi by Sheilan

“One cannot know what and who they are, in totality, before the ego has almost, entirely been dimensioned and surrenders it’s position of authority.  Until this time one has only fragments of understanding.” ~Sheilan


You might enjoy reading the comments below for more thoughts on ego.


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3 responses to “Fragments Of Understanding

  1. Hi Sheilan,

    Most of your words resonate with me – my question is though: since everything is as it is and shall be – and lets say – if my path is to manifest certain spiritual aspects and share wisdom with humanity, in this plane of existence, doesn’t it make sense if the ego simply surrenders to the aid of Spirit – meaning, since I’m already in physical form. The ego only exists if we are manifested in the flesh? Yes? No? – So then, if the ego becomes of service to Spirit isn’t this necessary in order to be in this plane of existence. As I understand it in my core, and at this moment, the ego is essential to the manifested human – otherwise, we wouldn’t exist in the flesh.

    I’d appreciate your thoughts and/or knowing.

  2. Hi there Noaris,

    Thanks for the visit. Yes the use of the words “the ego has almost entirely become diminished” was not meant so literally, but more like the ego appears diminished, as in big ego vs. little ego. As you have stated, the ego seems to surrender or fade from the forefront, so that it seems diminished. Does the ego really diminish? Probably not, but it seems like it does. Does the ego really surrender? Probably not, but it seems like it does. The ego like other parts of reality and or Self is a paradox. You have raised a good point in regards to the ego being necessary for human manifestation on earth. From my perspective, the ego exists in all manifested forms and not just on earth and in humans, but in everything and on all other dimensions too :-)….. Go ego!

    In my article Opinions and Non-Duality I go a little more into depth about ego and Higher Self, if you are interested and the article The Paradox of Self goes into the paradox of manifested self vs unmanifested self.

    Big hugs to you and thanks for the questions.

    • I just had goose bumps reading this, because I believe, as you stated, that “the ego exists in all manifested forms” “and on all other dimensions too” YES!

      Thank you for sharing Sheilan,

      Warm Hugs 🙂

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