Ego Identity

Passion Flower by Sheilan

When we no longer identify ourself as the ego, deep peace prevails and we are free. We no longer have the need to make judgments.  From this perception all is One.  All is Consciousness or Source.  No single thing or being can be more of this Oneness or more special than any other single thing or any less than everything else.  There is only One of us. Therefore, no one being or group has the corner on Consciousness or Source or Truth. The ‘special’ value comes at the individual level, when there is a personal preference or resonance with someone or something.

Someone is not more special if they are beautiful, talented and famous or have money and power. Someone is not more special because they are a seeker of Truth and on a spiritual path.  Someone is not more special if they are in a human body verses an animal plant or mineral or piece of plastic etc.  All existence is spiritual… All is Source.  Someone who is awakened is not more special for having realized Truth.  All actions are Consciousness or Source happening through us.  We are not the doers… My apologies to the ego that believes itself to be special, important and in control of life!  All beings and the roles that we play in the drama, called life, are equally illusionary.

Becoming awakened is not as special as the ego might think it to be. The role of an awakened being is still illusionary and they are still growing like everyone else.  However, seeing the Dream for what it is does bring an end to confusion and suffering and boosts feelings of compassion towards others in the Dream and makes one a pointer of Truth.

~Sheilan  2005

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